Best Bet: GEM Casino Travel

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday February 15, 2013

Feeling lucky? If you enjoy gambling and frequent gaming establishments even on a semi-regular basis, you may be able to turn those bets into fantastic experiences and VIP treatment with GEM Casino Travel.

Nevada legalized gaming in 1931. According to the American Gaming Organization, the industry has grown into more than a $30 billion industry. No longer do you need to head to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, although these two iconic cities have embraced the full tourism scope with an array of hotels, restaurants and activities.

GEM Casino Travel has relationships with properties in more than 12 states as well as Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America as well as various cruise lines. So whether you're looking for a night out, a weekend getaway or a luxury multi-city destination, GEM Casino can be your personal concierge for insider access.

How it Works

GEM Casino Travel enhances a system already in place whereby a casino tracks your playing habits through a rating system.

By getting rated, you allow the casino to track the amount of gambling you do while in the establishment. Why? Free stuff! But it's not just about top shelf cocktails and sold-out tickets to Shania Twain - getting rated can help create a memorable and unique experience for you and your travel companions.

In order to get rated, you'll need a players card. If you are participating in one of GEM Casino Travel's group trips, your card will be included in your welcome packet. If you are traveling on your own, most properties now offer the complimentary card at check-in or it can be easily obtained at the casino's players club.

When playing table games, present the card when you sit down. If you prefer slots, the machines are equipped with card readers. Do you like to take over two machines at once? Make sure to get multiple cards so all of your gambling is credited to your account.

The casino will track the amount wagered per hand and the length of time played. When playing a machine, your players card will calculate the amount played at a particular machine as well as the type of machine.

VIP Treatment

Imagine having a full-service personal concierge among multiple gaming resorts. While players club representatives may be able to swing some interesting perks at their individual locations, their ultimate goal is to keep you on site. GEM Casino Travel is your one-stop VIP service that helps you can spend more time enjoying your vacation than planning it.

Depending on how much and how often you play, you may be eligible for free rooms, meals at exclusive restaurants, special events, theatre or concert tickets, limousine service and more.

Of course, if you're already a regular at certain hotels and casinos, you're probably already getting offers by mail or email. These can easily be integrated into your Gem Casino booking experience. They'll oversee the entire process and make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. Speaking of which, some people prefer to travel with little cash on hand. GEM Casino travel can also easily establish a credit line so you'll be all set upon arrival.

Insider Tips

Blackjack or poker? Roulette or slot machines? Ever wonder which game has the best odds? All those dings, bells and whistles can be daunting. GEM Casino Travel says that blackjack is the most favorable game in the casino and that many forms of video poker are also favorable to the players, although those machines can be difficult to find.

Don't get distracted by those pretty chips and end up betting $100 when you meant $5. Almost all chip colors are standardized - consider it the rainbow flag of your gaming experience:
Red - $5
Green - $25
Black - $100

In Las Vegas, other denominations can be any color, although $1 chips are generally blue or white.

In Atlantic City, they use the regulated Munsell color system. (Little known fact: the system is based on hue, value and chroma and is based on how we visually respond to color.)
White - $1
Pink - $2.50 (used in blackjack)
Red - $5
Green - $25
Black - $100
Purple - $500
Orange - $1,000 (a larger chip)
Gray - $5,000 (a larger chip)

Beyond the Casino

While geared toward the customer who enjoys spending time in the casino, GEM Casino travel also understands that a true vacation involves first-class accommodations, great meals and other memorable experiences.

Spending time in the casino is just part of what can be a truly spectacular experience at some of the world's most coveted vacation destinations.

Here are just a few highlights from their partner properties:

Las Vegas
Caesars Palace - Perhaps the most iconic of the Las Vegas properties, Caesars is a modern-day Roman empire and plays host to The Caesars Palace Race and Sports Book, featuring live satellite horse racing and daily broadcasts of exciting sports events. Don't miss Wolfgang Puck's Spago, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary as one of Las Vegas's premiere dining experiences.

Paris Las Vegas - Ooh, la la! The City of Light takes over Sin City. The 50-story replica of the Eifel Tower is the gateway to adventure. One of the most stunning casinos on the strip, the tower arches and muraled ceiling provide the perfect setting for a night of gaming. Paris also features the Tony award-winning musical "Jersey Boys" as well as Gordon Ramsey Steak.

Atlantic City
Caesars Atlantic City - Holy Roman Empire! With more than 145,000-feet of continuous gaming space, Caesars rules the Boardwalk with its array of table games and machines. The property also boasts premiere shopping, a $175 million entertainment complex and award-winning dining options including Stephen Starr's Buddakan, Mia by Chris Scarduzio and Caesars' famous Sunday brunch.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Hard Rock Punta Cana - You can play like a rock star at the 45,000-square-foot casino and still enjoy all of the perks of this Caribbean island. You may also want to take advantage of Hard Rock's "Sound of Your Stay" program, where you can discover your inner Jimi Hendrix by jamming with one of their 20 Fender guitars in the comfort of your room. You may also qualify for "Rock Star Level" amenities, which include 24-hour dedicated butler service, beachside dinner and in-room spa treatments.

Norwegian Cruise Lines
Who says you need to be land-locked to enjoy gaming as well as a host of other activities? With freestyle cruising, you can enjoy a relaxing getaway at your own pace, spend time at your favorite gaming tables and experience first-rate entertainment, onboard activities and an array of dining options.

So many options but where to begin?
Simply fill out this GEM Casino Travel VIP Signup Form,
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or call ?888-212-7277 to get your next VIP travel experience underway.

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