Good Commons Gay Away :: A retreat for those of us who don’t "rough it"

by Jason Salzenstein

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday July 24, 2009

Although simply hearing the word "camp," "woods," "rural," or "country" can send EDGE Style & Travel Editor Jason Salzenstein running as quickly as he can for the nearest Kimpton or Fairmont, the description of the Good Commons Gay Away retreat was apparently seductive enough to get him to agree to "gay away" to central Vermont for four days. Of course when he found out that "roughing it" in this case includes a luxurious property complete with a yoga studio, outdoor Jacuzzi, and private chef, it didn't take much more to entice him.

I'm a Style & Travel Editor. I'm not into camping or the great outdoors, and to me, "roughing it" means staying at the Ramada rather than a Kimpton or Four Seasons. Yes, I'm spoiled, but that doesn't mean I don't like to bring it down a level every now and then, or spend an hour or so "getting in touch with nature." (And by that of course I mean working on my tan by the pool or watching the stars from the inside of a hot tub.) So it came as a bit of a surprise when I announced to the office recently that I would be going to central Vermont for four days for a "Gay Away."

Apparently everyone thought I was going camping. Not so much. In fact, the host of my adventure, Good Commons, is a completely renovated - and apparently fabulous - property with outdoor Jacuzzi, yoga studio, on-site massage and skincare treatments, and easy access to local antiquing, theatre and outdoor activities like kayaks, canoes, paddle boats and water skiing.

And did I mention there's a private chef?

The way I see it, the Gay Away retreat at Good Commons takes the best aspects of camping (or other low-tech retreat) and shakes it up with a touch of luxury, which to me is the perfect getaway. (I mean really, an open-air Jacuzzi, private chef, and the promise of s'mores around a fire pit. What else could you want? Well, aside from a hunky towel boy named Pierre or something...)

Check back in late summer to read all about my Gay Away adventure. For more information about Good Commons, click here. Or go here for more details on the Gay Away Retreat.

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