5 Essential Tips for Living Out of a Backpack for a Month


EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday January 27, 2017

Swap that five-star resort for a five-pocket backpack and get more bang for your buck on your next traveling adventure. By traveling light, you can open up a whole new world of adventures. But in this case, the "how" is as important as the "where." EDGE chatted with Reservations.com co-founder Mahesh Chaddah for five tips to ensure your journey isn't weighted down with unnecessary items.

Packing cubes can compress your clothes and squeeze them tight into a backpack. By squeezing out all the air of the small compartments where you place the pieces of clothing in, this not only saves you space but saves you the heavy burden of carrying your clothes around. Not to mention the much needed protection for your clothing against humidity and dirt.

By packing many small toiletries, you save room and get to minimize items to the most vital. A list of must have toiletries generally include solid shampoo bars that can last a while, toothpaste, and sunscreen. For all the lady travelers, a diva cup or a moon cup can be an alternative to tampons and pads because they occupy much needed space.

Taking all your charging cables, whether it be for your phone, laptop, or digital camera tends to waste a lot of space in your bag. So, if you're traveling with friends learn to share cables and utilize the space in each other's bags. We also recommend getting a portable charger for those locations that will be far from civilization, they will save you time and space.

For all those traveling photographers, remember you are backpacking for a month. Although, having all your lenses would make your photos phenomenal, it is probably not the best idea. It is recommended to take a smaller camera or if you use a DSLR you might want to keep it out of your bag and adjust to carrying it around your neck.

This may seem obvious, but most people still forget: you will be traveling for 30 days. Fresh socks are always an essential, to avoid blisters and wet feet. Packing warm is a must and easy to forget. A water-resistant lightweight jacket is perfect, you cannot go wrong with this. First aid is imperative especially when traveling alone. And please do not forget a traveling towel, it comes in very handy.