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Some Must-Checkout Gay Saunas of the World

Friday June 5, 2020
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Saunas are great places to rejuvenate your body. It is a scientifically proven fact that your body heals itself when you spend time in a sauna. It leads to an increased circulation of blood, improves movements of your joints and even affects your cardiovascular health in a positive way. Some regular sauna-goers even claim that their skin becomes much better as toxins are flushed out.

Sauna culture is extremely popular in cold European countries but the gay sauna scene is popular world over. Gay saunas are great places to unwind and even meet like-minded people. With gay tourism now becoming popular across the world, a lot of travelers like to visit saunas and casinos across the world although it seems casinos have now started to lay off a lot of people, as this article suggests.

Many of these saunas offer a lot more in terms of service like steam rooms, pools and massages. We've made a list of saunas across the world that are worth visiting and marking as part of your bucket list.

Babylon Sauna (Bangkok)

Babylon Sauna is perhaps the most popular sauna in Thailand and also the biggest. They charge an entry of about 800 baths and the facilities include a swimming pool, gym, hair salon, steam and sauna rooms and private cabins. Sundays are supposed to be fun days when a lot of patrons come in to unwind. They even have a decent restaurant if all that working out leaves you hungry. Lockers are provided at the door so just hop across whenever you feel like it.

Sauna Labyrint (Prague)

Sauna Labyrint is a central part of the Prague gay culture especially because it also has a bar inside. It has lovely sauna facilities like bio sauna, steam rooms, whirlpools and Finnish saunas. Add to that fun of dark rooms and private cabins and you'll probably never leave this establishment except for the fact that it's slightly dingy and has no natural light. That kind of lighting perhaps adds to the aura of cruising which has taken a new form in this era of consent as this article here states.

Sun City (Paris)

Spread over 3000 square meters and three floors, Sun City is a huge spa and sauna in Paris that caters specifically to gay men. There's a pool, jacuzzi, steam and sauna rooms that will keep you busy for hours. Mixers like water and soda are for free. The interiors are inspired by Indian aesthetics so all you Bollywood lovers will love to hang out here. Don't miss it next time you are in Paris.

Nova Bruc (Barcelona)

Nova Bruc is a very famous mens only sauna in Barcelona which has recently moved to a new space that boasts of a large spa spool, sauna and all the other services that you'd find in a bathhouse. There are video rooms, cabins and even a bar that makes it a must visit when you are in Barcelona next.

You could also try checking out a lot of local classifieds to see if there are any men's bathhouses in your vicinity. Many of these even have offers for regular clients and if your neighborhood has one, it's probably wise to get a membership for your physical and emotional health.

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