by Kevin Taft

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday September 12, 2012

One of the most popular love stories of all time and one of the greatest film spectacles ever made, "Titanic" gets a gorgeous Blu-ray release that is long overdue. While it feels like the film really hasn't gone anywhere and it also feels as though it's not 15 years old, the film has never looked more crisp and beautiful than it does on Blu-ray. It also sounds incredible. The release allows you to remember exactly why this film struck such a huge cord with audiences back in 1997. It truly had something for everyone. Historic detail; a doomed love affair between attractive lead actors; a spectacular tragedy fully realized onscreen; a memorable score; and that Celine Dion song we all loved then grew to hate. The funny thing? It still works magnificently. And with the picture so breathtaking (Old Rose has never looked so old!); it's like experiencing the movie for the first time.

If the film itself weren't enough, there are a plethora of extras including two and a half hours of new features as well as remastered extras from the previous DVD release.

  • Commentary by director James Cameron (from 2005)
  • Cast and Crew Commentary (from 2005)
  • Historical Commentary by Don Lunch and Ken Marschall (from 2005)
  • Reflections on Titanic" - a new documentary called about the sinking of the actual ship.
  • "Titanic: The Final Word by James Cameron" - a new feature length documentary that goes into a forensic investigation into the actual crash and how the ship sank the way it did. While Cameron's ego is fully on display (this is "his" final word, mind you) his final evaluation on how Titanic is a microcosm of where our world could be going is smart and fascinating.
  • An hour of Deleted Scenes with commentary by James Cameron that includes a few really interesting scenes that (in my humble opinion) should never have been cut. Look for Rose's breakdown right before she decides to jump (Kate Winslet is amazing here), an extended Jack and Rose run through the steam room that ends with an iconically framed kiss that would have been on every teenage girl's bedroom wall, and a scene of Rose boarding the rescue ship and her walk through the other passengers that is quite moving. One of the most stunning deleted scenes is a different ending where Old Rose actually shows Bill Paxton's researcher the Heart of the Ocean diamond before throwing it overboard. It makes her look like kind of a jerk, but there is a nice message there and gave her and Paxton's character much needed closure.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes
  • Construction Timelapse
  • Deep Dive Presentation - Narrated by James Cameron
  • $200,000,001: A Ship's Odyssey - The Titanic Crew Video
  • Videomatics
  • "My Heart Will Go On" - Music Video
  • Trailers & TV Spots
  • Still Galleries
  • Titanic Parodies from MTV's 1998 Movie Awards, SNL, and Titanic in 30 Seconds by the Bunnies.
  • Digital Copy

    Blu-ray/DVD/ Digital Copy Combo Pack


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