Honey Maid Features Gay Parents in New Ad

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Tuesday March 11, 2014

Graham cracker company Honey Maid released a new 30-second ad Monday that features a number of different families, including same-sex parents.

The video, titled "This is Wholesome," opens up with two dads holding and kissing their infant, then cuts to them walking down the street.

"No matter how things change; what makes us wholesome never will," the narrator says in the commercial. "Honey Maid: everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is wholesome."

The clip shows a variety of different families, including multiracial families and a father with tattoos who plays the drums.

"Today we celebrate all families," Honey Maid writes on its YouTube page. "From working moms to two moms; stay at home dads to single dads; adopted kids to surrogate kids. Honey Maid recognizes that the reality of family has changed, but the wholesome connections that all families share will endure.#thisiswholesome"

As the Huffington Post points out, it's still early to see if there will be a backlash like there was with a recent Cheerios commercial, which centered on a multiracial family. But some YouTube users have already voiced their opinions by posting on the clip, which currently has 175,108 views and 676 likes.

"I'm so glad you did this wonderful commercial! Thank you," one user wrote. "You and Cheerios are making a path for other companies to remind us that family is love, not a limited definition. Please keep up the good work!"

"This is AMAZING. Thanks for being brave enough to make this campaign. We'll support you all the way :)" another wrote.

But there were a few disparaging comments:

"What a way to throw a gay movement in our faces with two men raising an infant [sic]...sorry that's too much, that is called force feeding. God have mercy on you Honey Maid," someone wrote.

Honey Maid also posted the clip to their Facebook page, which was also met with positive comments. As of this writing the post has 667 likes.

"As a gay dad, I can't tell you how much I appreciate being represented in your commercial," a Facebook user wrote. "I know there was money involved in the decision, but I applaud your inclusion and hope it's an example to many other advertisers to get over their fears of stepping outside the mainstream."

Honey Maid officials also commented on the ad in a statement to HuffPo and said:

"As a brand that has been a part of families' lives for nearly 90 years, Honey Maid recognizes that while the makeup and day-to-day lives of families have evolved, the idea and importance of wholesome family connections remains the same," the company wrote in an email.

Ad Week reports that Honey Maid created three short documentaries about the real-life families featured in the commercial. One of the clips is about the same-sex parents.

"We recognize change is happening every day, from the way in which a family looks today to how a family interacts to the way it is portrayed in media," marketing director Gary Osifchin says in a statement. "We at Honey Maid continue to evolve and expand our varieties to provide delicious, wholesome products so they can be a part of everyday moments of connection in a world with changing, evolving family dynamics."

Watch the commercial below along with the three documentaries below: