No Jews Allowed! Anti-Gay Scouts Won’t Allow Parents of Jewish Kids Either


EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Hey heterosexual jews! Welcome to the back of the bus with us gays!

If Jesus Christ was a teen today and wanted to go camping with some friends, his father could not chaperone a trip for the "Christian" based organization Trail Life USA. According to Good As You, the newly formed alternative scouting organization formed in reaction to the Boy Scouts of America's 2013 decision to allow gay members, excludes the parents of heterosexual jewish boys leadership roles.

In the FAQ section of the Trail Life USA website, there is a section devoted to addressing the issue of including jewish boys as members. It reads:

What about Jewish youth?

Trail Life USA is a Trinitarian Christian organization with a Statement of Faith that includes those denominations that specifically recognize Jesus Christ as the prophesized Messiah of the Jewish scriptures. There are some groups like "Jews for Jesus" that recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah, but continue to hold to Jewish traditions and customs regarding feasts, etc. A Messianic Jew could indeed be a leader. However, a person of the Jewish faith would not be able to sign our Statement of Faith. Thus, according to our membership standards, Jewish churches and organizations would be precluded from chartering Trail Life USA troops. And those of the Jewish faith would indeed be precluded as adult leaders based on their beliefs. However, a Jewish youth could join. And a Jewish parent could be present at troop functions and even on certain camping trips, but not as a recognized or registered leader that would be providing direct leadership to the youth. And the Jewish denomination would not be recognized as a participating Christian denomination in Trail Life USA.  This is the same standard currently in effect at the American Heritage Girls, which is our sister youth organization. Trail Life USA is not for everyone. For Troops that want to transfer intact with non-Christian leadership, Trail Life USA will not be an appropriate option.

In March, the Associate Press came under fire for publishing a photo of a Trail Life USA where boys appeared to being giving a "heil Hitler" like salute. According to Fox News, the boys in the photo were not saluting Hitler, they were not reciting a creed. The boys were singing "Taps," a longtime Boy Scout tradition that the Texas Trail USA troop had adapted as their own.

The boys had gathered in a circle with their hands raised straight into the air. They gradually lowered their hands as they sang the song. It concludes with their hands flush against their side.