Watch: After Mommy Vlogger Burns Teen Vogue Issue Over Anal Sex Advice, Out Editor Claps Back

Wednesday July 19, 2017

Earlier this month,Teen Vogue published a lengthy and very informative article on how to properly have anal sex. Unsurprisingly, the magazine, which has been praised for its in-depth reporting on hard-hitting issues, came under fire by conservatives with Fox News publishing an article that claims Teen Vogue is "teaching kids how to engage in sodomy."

But the magazine's article "Anal Sex: What You Need to Know" upset one mommy vlogger so much that she recorded herself burning an issue.

"The Activist Mommy," who has over 222,000 followers on Facebook, shared a video called "MOM BLOGGER BURNS TEEN VOGUE MAGAZINE!" on July 13, which has gone viral, earning 10 million views and nearly 180,000 shares.

"'OPERATION PULL TEEN VOGUE' is underway! Teen Vogue Magazine must be pulled from all store shelves! It is a danger to children," she wrote. "Please SHARE to warn others."

The clip shows the mommy, Elizabeth, who has 10 kids with her husband Patrick, burning her copy of Teen Vogue in the woods.

"I cannot believe what this Teen Vogue piece of trash has printed!" she says in the video. "They are teaching children how to be safely sodomized! They are teaching kids how to have anal intercourse! We should not be teaching children, period, how to have sex."

"Look at what's in this magazine for teenagers. How to masturbate, all about homosexual sex, gender fluidity," she says after flipping through her issue. After spotting a photo of Lena Dunham, she adds, "Oh yea, real role models for our teenagers!"

After ripping pages from the magazine and throwing them into the fire she adds: "These editors' brains are in the gutter. Now let's put their sales in the gutter where they belong. Don't let your kids read garbage!"

Of course this isn't the only problematic video from the mommy. She has plenty of clips taking issue with trans people and the LGBT community.

After the outcry from conservatives and "The Mommy Activist," Philip Picardi, an out editor at Teen Vogue, clapped back at detractors in an epic Twitter thread about anal sex. Find his tweets below, along with "The Mommy Activist" video.

Click here to read Teen Vogue's anal sex article in full.

[H/T Queerty]

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