'Pedophilia Doesn't Kill Anyone' Claims Rhode Island Priest

Wednesday February 12, 2020

A Rhode Island priest double-downed on his decision to "bar 44 lawmakers, who voted in favor of the Reproductive Privacy Act, by saying 'pedophilia doesn't kill anyone' but abortion does," the Daily Mail reports.

72-year old Rev. Richard Bucci, of Sacred Heart Church in West Warwick, published the names of people banned from receiving communion at his parish in a flier last month.

"In accord with the teaching of the Catholic Church for 2000 years, the following members of the legislature may NOT receive Holy Communion, as are all the officers of the state of Rhode Island, as well as Rhode Island's members of Congress," the flier read.

"In addition, they will not be allowed to act as witnesses to marriage, godparents, or lectors at weddings, funerals or any other church function."

The Reproductive Privacy Act extended the statute of limitations for child sex abuse survivors. Passed into law last year, it serves to codify women's private rights to make medical decisions as guaranteed by Roe v. Wade.

One lawmaker sees Bucci's action as part of a wider cover-up of the church's sex abuse scandal.

"The allegations of the reverend being part of a wider cover-up in the church's sex abuse scandal stem from Democrat State Representative Carol Hagan McEntee's claim that from the age of five she and her sister Ann were molested by a priest at Bucci's church for seven years. The priest is now dead," writes the Daily Mail.

"When he says that pedophilia doesn't kill people, well, he clearly doesn't understand," McEntee told CBS News. "He should've come to the statehouse and listened to the testimonies because there are lot of victims who are no longer with us. The injured voices that I heard — they've stolen their childhoods. They've practically destroyed their lives. And the ones we still hear from are the lucky ones because they're the ones who are still alive; they didn't die of an overdose or suicide. You know, there's plenty of those that never made it long enough to come forward."

"McEntee has had a long and fraught relationship with Sacred Heart Church in West Warwick, Rhode Island, where Bucci now presides," the CBS report continues. "She and her older sister, Ann Hagan Web, attended Sacred Heart School from kindergarten through the eighth grade. And Ann alleges that she was repeatedly sexually molested by a priest there, who is now deceased, for approximately seven years, beginning when she was just 5 years old..."

"Personally, I feel this is a continued attack by him on me and my family because of what happened to my sister. And he's come up with this latest way," she writes.

Her colleague State Representative Julie Casimiro, whose name was also published in the flier, agrees, pointing "to the time lag between the final vote on the bill last June and Father Bucci's letter in January as proof of that point."

"'Fr. Bucci would love to have you all think this is about the codification of Roe V Wade,' she wrote to CBS News. 'If it was, why wasn't the list published last year when we took the vote? Why did only a few lawmakers receive the mailing at home? This is retribution to the Hagen-McEntee family for shining the light on sexual assault within the Catholic Church and Sacred Heart, in particular.'

"In a fiery Facebook post after the flier was made public, Casimiro went a step further, suggesting that the General Assembly should respond to Father Bucci's list of lawmakers not welcome in his parish by posting 'a list of pedophile priests not welcome at the State House. That is a much longer list.'"