One Million Moms Find Two Men Sharing a Creme Egg 'Disgusting' and 'Gross'

Sunday January 24, 2021

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the cranky Christian group One Million Moms are not fond of the Cadbury Creme Egg ad campaign featuring two men sharing one of the seasonal treats. EDGE reported recently that the ad features a "gay couple holding hands, spinning in a circle on a rooftop. One has the egg between his lips while the other leans in to take a bite. The narrator says, "sharers? Yeah, we are down with that!"

Within days the haters took aim at the ad, which led one of its actors Callum Sterling (who shared the egg with Dale Moran) to push back, dismissing critics with, "does anyone see how ridiculous this is? Like actual LOL."

Adding to the absurdity is the solemn screed from One Million Moms in a press release from its director, Monica Cole:

"If you look forward to having your annual Cadbury Creme Egg each Easter season, you might not like how the company celebrates the risen Savior.

"Cadbury just released a commercial that has resulted in a backlash of comments from Christians and non-Christians alike. Everything from 'disgusting' and 'very disappointing' to 'yech' and 'gross'."

She goes on by describing the gay moment as being similar to a scene from Disney's "The Lady and a Tramp," "where the two dogs share spaghetti. Except, it's two grown men spinning around in a circle and sharing a creme-filled chocolate egg in a sexualized way.

"The 10-second segment is part of a longer commercial called 'Crème Egg Golden Goobilee,' showing ways to eat a Cadbury Crème Egg."

She then provides a link to the watch the video, adding "Warning: This video is graphic and offensive."

She concludes with: "Cadbury makes a huge push to sell its Crème Eggs in America during the Easter season each year. A portion of each sale goes to help finance Cadbury's social agenda that has nothing to do with chocolates and candies.

"If U.S. sales are strong, Cadbury just might bring this ad to American televisions for your children to see. Taking a stand now will send a strong signal that their eggs are cracked up.

"TAKE ACTION: Sign our pledge to keep Cadbury Crème Eggs off your shopping list. Let Cadbury know that if they are going to offend you, they won't be doing it with your money."

On the One Million Moms' website is a petition that reads: "To Cadbury from One Million Moms:

"I'm not buying into your social agenda to push homosexuality. Your latest ad offends me and many other Christians who celebrate Easter with reverence and respect.

"I won't be buying your products either. I'm taking Cadbury Crème Eggs off my shopping list.

"Please stick to making chocolates and candies, not political and social statements."

It has as of Wednesday, January 20, 2021 received more than 9,300 pledges.

In December, 2019 GLAAD described the organization as "basically One Meddling Mom with an agenda, and no company should be giving her the credence she so desperately craves."

One Million Moms and its complement, One Million Dads, are the product of the American Family Association, which defines itself as "a Christian organization promoting the biblical ethic of decency in American society with primary emphasis on television and other media." They later shifted their emphasis to "moral issues that impact the family."

"AFA has been listed as an anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) since November 2010 for the 'propagation of known falsehoods' and the use of 'demonizing propaganda' against LGBT people," reads the group's Wikipedia page.