Jessica Alves Reveals She Had Gender Reassignment Surgery

by Kevin Schattenkirk

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday February 22, 2021
Originally published on February 19, 2021

Jessica Alves
Jessica Alves  (Source:Jessica Alves / Twitter)

Jessica Alves confirmed that she had gender reassignment surgery and told MailOnline she feels "born again."

The 37-year-old said loved ones have supported her decision to get the surgery, which consisted of six hours on the operating table and cost approximately $19,200 U.S. She said, "It feels like I have been born again at the age of 37. I love my new vagina, it a little swollen but it is very cute. I am now able to start my new life as a happy woman. In three months, I will be able to use it sexually!"

Alves underwent the gender affirmative procedure called Penile-Peritoneal Vaginoplasty, where abdominal lining is used to create the vagina. The procedure is also used for women born without a vaginal canal. The end result is similar to a vagina in its elasticity and self-lubrication.

She praised Dr. Kamol Pansritum, who performed the surgery at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, saying he is "one of the best" and left her without a "scar in sight."

Alves added, "I feel very drowsy after my surgery but happy that I am finally a woman. I feel great when I look at myself in the mirror. My life is going to be so much better as I feel beautiful now.

"I will return to London in six weeks, and I can't wait to go shopping as there was so many outfits, I couldn't wear due to my penis. It made me very self-conscious and upset. But now I can finally be myself."

Alves said that she tried to live as a male "because I was born in this body. But I was very depressed and unhappy. I transitioned or I died, one or the other." Her first priority these days is her well-being. And that includes ceasing plastic surgery altogether, she said.

"I still need two or three more surgeries to complete my transition and then I swear for God, I'll be done with plastic surgery. There's only so much a body can take. But I had to do it to reach the person I am today. What I'm doing today, it's right for me.

"I don't wish I transitioned earlier because I had to go through all of that and what I was going through inside myself. Having said that, surgeries can be risky. I am a very healthy person and don't drink. I sleep well and I eat well. I need three more to complete my transition and then I'm done."

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