Ex-Gays Rally in DC on Saturday, Only a Few Show Up

Monday June 7, 2021

A screenshot of the Changed Movement rally on the Mall in DC, Saturday, June 5, 2021
A screenshot of the Changed Movement rally on the Mall in DC, Saturday, June 5, 2021  (Source:Twitter/Michael Patrick Key)

The Changed Movement describes itself as "a community of friends who have chosen identity in Jesus over LGBTQ+." Members of the movement headed to D.C. this past weekend to rally against the Equality Act currently before Congress.

"CHANGED has come to DC to appeal to Congress to focus on human dignity, not identity politics," Elizabeth Woning, co-founder of the Changed Movement, said in a statement on their website. "We are Christians with LGBTQ in our past. Many, like us, have changed. We left LGBTQ because we wanted to."

The group held a news conference on Friday, followed on Saturday with the "Freedom to March" event on the Mall near the Washington Monument. The March was intended for participants "to celebrate their ex-gay identities and show support for anti-LGBTQ causes, as they're lobbying Congress to stop their efforts to pass the Equality Act or other pro-LGBTQ legislation,"wrote LGBTQNation. "The 'march' turned into a dance party of just members of the group and possibly bewildered onlookers at the Washington Monument."

The event was captured by Washington Blade photo editor Michael Patrick Key, who tweeted footage of a handful of marchers dancing at the rally. "Video of the event showed an elevated stage blasting music while a few followers and passersby danced. While some wore masks at the event, many did not, but the lack of people in attendance meant that social distancing was practiced throughout the festivities," wrote Out magazine.

Among the views professed by the group is opposition to the Equality Act, the landmark LGBTQ non-discrimination legislation, and opposition to making conversion therapy illegal. On its website, the group writes that "LGBTQ identity is subjective" and demanded their "right to counseling of one's choosing." "The group also advocates for the 'right to shape one's own sexual identity without political indoctrination' as well as the right to express their contrarian opinions without being labeled a hate group," adds Out Magazine.