Olly Alexander Wants to Make a Gay 'Twin Peaks'

Thursday June 10, 2021

Is David Lynch listening?

Olly Alexander, who made an auspicious acting debut in the British AIDS drama "It's a Sin," wants to do more acting — and has a project in mind. "I honestly haven't read a script since 'It's A Sin,' so maybe I'll make my own thing," he says. "I'd quite like to make a horror TV series — like a paranormal, gay 'Twin Peaks.' I want to play some kind of magical gay person with magical powers," he told the British magazine Empire as part of their British New Wave issue.

Playing Richie Tozer in Russell T. Davies' powerful series was a pivotal one for the musician, who for the past decade was part of the musical group Years and Years. Earlier this year, it was announced that Alexander was going to continue as the group's sole member.

"I was writing about this in my diary the other day. I literally wrote, 'It's A Sin has changed my life.'," he tells Empire. "It was hard to get a proper perspective while we were in the middle of it, but now a few months later it's really sinking in. Meeting and working with Russell was a dream come true and I learned so much about myself, as well as the whole subject of AIDS and British queer people in the '80s. Filming it was such a great experience as well. I hadn't done any acting for so long, so to suddenly switch to a completely different discipline [from music] was so exciting."

Alexander is currently working on a third Years and Years album, but once it is completed, he hopes to return to acting.