Hunky Rugby Player Gets Hilariously Tucked on 'Drag Race España'

Sunday July 18, 2021
Originally published on July 12, 2021

Dazzling the final four of "Drag Race España" with his smile and his bulging arms, Fernando was one of the members of the inclusive Spanish rugby team Madrid Titanes who came on to the first season of the Spanish spin-off of the popular American series to appear in a makeover challenge. During the episode, each of the four remaining candidates — Pupi Poisson, Killer Queen, Sagittaria, and Carmen Farala — transformed a Titanes player into their drag doppelgängers.

Initially, all eyes were on Fernando, making it a difficult choice for Carmen Farala, who had won the challenge, to pick which rugby player to makeover. As attractive as Fernando is, he wisely went with Carlos, whom he turned into a runway-ready drag star in impeccably made matching Tartan outfits.

Instead, Killer Queen was assigned Fernando, who embraced the challenge with the same fervor he takes to the sport, giving himself the name Titan Killer. Fernando even willingly shaved his beard, giving him a more boyish look, but things got a bit dicier when it came time for tucking, which made for a hilarious sequence that can be watched in its entirety on World of Wonder with a subscription.
(You can also view the moment on the website Antena 3.)

"The rest of the queens watch the Titan Killer process with amusement, while the Killer Queen helps him with the tape behind the screen. What a show they have put on!" writes Antena 3.

"Now is the time for a religious experience," Killer Queen told Fernando before bringing him behind a screen with a roll of tape.

As Fernando strips down, Pupi Poisson sneaks back and takes a curious peek before sharing what he saw with a suggestive gesture.

As did Carmen Farala with a more graphic gesticulation.

When it came to the tucking, Killer Queen assured Fernando, "Don't worry, it won't hurt." However, on the soundtrack, Fernando can be heard grunting in pain.

Then came the issue with getting everything to tuck.

Once done, Pupi Poisson commented, "Fernando is (high-pitched) castrato," to which Killer Queen chimed in: "It's unbelievable. The thing has disappeared."

And though they did not win the challenge (Carmen Farala and Carlos did), Killer Queen and Titan Killer got high marks from the judges. "I love your energy onstage [and] how much fun you had Killer," said judge Javier Calvo.

His fellow judge (and husband) Javier Ambrossi complimented, "Your smile!"

"You both look wonderful. Gorgeous!" added Judge Ana Locking.

Next week marks the finale of the first Spanish edition of "Drag Race" with Killer Queen, Sagittaria, and Carmen Farala competing for the crown.