The 'FBoys' Are Coming in New Reality Dating Show

Tuesday July 13, 2021

Contestants from the upcoming HBO Max dating reality series "FBoy Island."
Contestants from the upcoming HBO Max dating reality series "FBoy Island."  (Source:YouTube)

What are these FBoys here for — love or money?

That is the question behind the new HBO Max reality dating series "FBoy Island." The premise is simple: can three women choose which of the male contestants are sincere in seeking a relationship or playing them for a $100,000 cash prize.

The show's trailer came out today ahead of its July 29 debut of the first three episodes.

"Hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, 'FBoy Island' places three women contestants — Nakia Renee, CJ Franco, and Sarah Emig — on a tropical island with 24 men. Half of these men are self-described 'nice guys,' and half of them are self-proclaimed 'fboys,' but no one (not even Glaser) knows which is which. So the goal is to find love, and also figure out which men are which, and also maybe win $100,000? Neither the trailer nor HBO's press materials explain how that cash prize is supposed to be won," writes Entertainment Weekly.

"As you can see, in its trashy concept 'FBoy Island' feels closer to the '30 Rock' joke about "MILF Island" than any other modern dating competition (and that's saying a lot)," EW adds.

But who are the hotties that are on the show? For a full list this link.

Here's a sample of some of the FBoys with their IG accounts. Can you figure out who is looking for love or is just a FBoy there for the money and appearances alone?

Andrew Dietz

27-year-old Dietz is firefighter/EMT and Ocean Rescue lifeguard from Savannah, Georgia.

Chaun Williams

Chaun Williams is a performer with Cirque du Soleil and is also an image consultant. The 35-year-old lives in Las Vegas.

Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson, 24, is a IT engineer recruiter whose interests are reading, golfing, cooking new recipes, drinking beers and fitness.

Chris Gillis

Ripped 29-year-old Chris Gillis is a commercial real estate broker from New York City.

Collin Carter

Coming from Toledo, Ohio, 26-year-old Carter is both a barber and photographer.

Divij Vaswani

LA-based, 24-year-old Divij Vaswani is an entrepreneur who splits his time between being a digital media executive/talent agent, when he's not flipping houses.

Greg Metelus

Greg Metelus is a 25-year-old content creator and model from Los Angeles who says he enjoys playing sports, drawing and cleaning his beard.

Israel Dimri

Hipster Israel Dimri is a 34-year-old entrepreneur who says his favorite activities are traveling the world, riding his motorcycle and playing guitar.

Jared Motley

Twenty-seven-year-old Miami resident Jared Motley wears many hats — fitness coach, brand ambassador, social media influencer and entrepreneur. He also enjoys various sports, such as boating, hiking, snowboarding, snorkeling, skating.

Kevin Sun

Honolulu-based Kevin Sun is a 28-year-old event producer and an action sports enthusiast who loves skydiving, scuba diving, aviation, rock climbing/rappelling, and flyboarding.

Paul Keating

Right out of the surf is 27-year-old Paul Keating from Oceanside, California. The surf instructor and model (who also calls himself a "fridge mover"), also teaches yoga.

Tariq Johnson

Much-tatted Tariq Johnson is a 22-year-old Nutritionist and kickboxing trainer from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Matthew (Matt) Chamberlin,

22-year-old Matthew (Matt) Chamberlin is a home renovation salesman from Nashville, Tennessee, who is also in the National Guard.