On a Trip to a Gay Sauna, 'Gossip Girl' Introduces Hunky Jason Gotay

Sunday July 18, 2021

Jason Gotay
Jason Gotay  (Source:Instagram)

The "Gossip Girl" reboot immediately went to the top of HBO Max's most-streamed shows — no surprise, since the show promises a salacious look into the luxe life of the tended teen offsprings of the super-rich attending Constance Billard, an exclusive school in NYC's Upper East Side - in short, picking up where its CW original left off. (It ran some six seasons and made stars out of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick.

It took until the second episode, though, for this reboot to steam up with some same-sex action. It was hinted at in the first episode when Max (Thomas Doherty) (the show's resident pansexual who regularly boasts of his sexual prowess) and lavender-haired, gay curious Aki (Evan Mock)  have a moment of attraction while changing their clothes, which is witnessed by Aki's girlfriend Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind ), whose scowl shows she picked up on the vibe.

In the second episode, the same sex action pumped up considerably when Max comes in contact with one of Billard's faculty — Rafa Caparros (Jason Gotay), with whom he has a chance meeting in a men's room at a downtown club. Max is playful, but Rafa doesn't take the bait, telling him that he would never sleep with a student and to forget the whole thing.

Undaunted, Max learns that Rafa — who is known as the best fuck in New York City — attends an all-male night at a sauna. Max convinces a somewhat reluctant Aki to be his wingman, and they meet up with Rafa outside a steam room.

Thomas Doherty and Evan Mock  

Jason Gotay and Thomas Doherty  

To get his attention, Max makes out with Aki, which only appears to whet the questioning Aki's appetite. But Rafi is adamant — nothing with Max until after graduation. It is a message he also gives him towards the end of the episode, when he reaches over while they sit on a sofa to whisper in his ear (which the audience does not hear) what he plans to do with him after Max's graduation.

After the second episode aired, there is little doubt actor Jason Gotay is trending this weekend. His cool manner and quiet machismo make him a perfect foil for the flirty Max, and it is apparent that — like a moth to a flame — will be the object of his student's attention throughout the season.

Little is really known about Gotay, who has appeared on Broadway (in "Spider-Man....") and on television ("Peter Pan Live" and on the Anna Kendrix's HBO Max series "Love Life"). And, like his character on "Gossip Girl," he is out and has been in a relationship with his fiance, Michael Hartung, for over six years, with whom he shares numerous pics on Instagram.