Jack Mackenroth Comes Clean About Addiction, Messy Breakup With Dolf Dietrich

Monday July 26, 2021
Originally published on July 20, 2021

Jack Mackenroth.
Jack Mackenroth.  (Source:Instagram)

Earlier this year, LGBTQ influencer Jack Mackenroth and adult star Dolf Dietrich played out a very messy breakup on social media. Both accused the other of assault, break-ins, and robbery in a very public manner on Twitter.

This week, Mackenroth posted a candid tweet in which he detailed his addiction to drugs, which included crystal meth, and apologized for his behavior to Dietrich and others.

"I am a recovering drug addict," he tweeted. "I am admitting to actions towards @dolfdietrich & many others with 100% rigorous honesty, humility, and embarrassment but with the hope of becoming a better man in doing so. See attached copy & thank you for your support. JM."

Mackenroth came to fame when he appeared on "Project Runway" in 2008. Living with HIV, he turned his celebrity into an opportunity for AIDS activism, becoming one of the country's most prominent spokespersons of PWA. In 2018, he turned to the adult male industry when he began an OnlyFans page. "Officially, I'm a porn star now, whatever the fuck that means," he said at the time.

He also included a lengthy post in which he went into detail about his behavior. "Meth binges made me a shitty person," Mackenroth admitted. "Taking copious amounts of Xanax to come down from drugs was what eventually took me down and almost killed me.

"I am sober today. I'm not perfect in any way but every day I am making amends to all of the people I affected and treated poorly."

"In the midst of my addiction I hurt many people but most of all I hurt my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) @dolfdietrich. The list of horrid things I did is long and disgraceful but in a tangible effort to make reparations, I am listing all of the things I did and all the untruths so he can have peace of mind and begin to repair the damage I inflicted."

Dolf Dietrich.  (Source: Instagram)

He went on to address his actions toward Dietrich, explaining how he had "tormented and terrorized" him and admitted to making him feel "unsafe in his own apartment," and confessed: "I broke into his apartment when he was out of town and took many of his belongings—clothes, computer, electronics, leather gear ... etc. He trusted me and I betrayed that trust."

Mackenroth continued: "I publicly posted things about him that were untrue in an attempt to smear his brand and reputation. It was all lies. I went to a shitty gossip blog and claimed that he was a pedophile and into fucking kids which was 100% bullshit. It still haunts him today and I am forever remorseful for that. HIs brand is his business and he was worked hard to cultivate that and I tried to destroy that."

Mackenroth also admitted to getting Dietrich banned from a gym due to nudity by sending compromising pics to the gym's management. Of another incident, Mackenroth fessed up to jamming the lock to Dietrich's apartment while his dog was inside, causing him to call an emergency locksmith.

"The list of horrid things I did was long and unbelievable but I need to list them to come clean, be a better man and give him a sense of well being again."

Mackenroth went on to admit, "I'm still wrestling with the reality of all the horrid things I did. I'm making it all public now so those affected can possibly heal and I am committed to rectifying anything I can.

"I can't make excuses for anything I did. Saying 'I was under the influence of meth and xanax' does not relinquish me from culpability," he continued. "H didn't deserve any of the BS that rained down on him and I am surprised and honored that he is still speaking to me. It speaks to his amazing character as a human being. I hope he can forgive me and I hope anyone who reads this can let me show you that I am a new person. Actions speak louder than words."

This isn't the first time Mackenroth has expressed his regrets to Dietrich, having apologized in a previous tweet in which he wrote, "@dolfdietrich I'm so sorry. love Jack."

Mackenroth also attached a lengthy explanation of how he hasn't "been okay for awhile," especially in isolation since the COVID-19 pandemic began. "Near the end of my relationship with Christopher Ellsworth (Dolf Dietrich) I started using meth again and taking large amounts of pills to come down. During our very messy break up I was f-ed up most of the time and not in my right mind. Drugs are no excuse for behavior as there were a litany of bad decisions that got me there."

Mackenroth ended up in the hospital, where he had a seizure. "It was scary as hell. I can't live like this anymore and I need help," he admitted before sharing that he was entering rehab.

For his part, Dietrich posted on Facebook about his relationship with Mackenroth.

"This isn't easy for me to talk about, Dietrich started. "In fact, I've been keeping this a secret this entire year. I need to share. Not only to hopefully heal, but I hope sharing my story of domestic violence might help someone else out there. Meth and violence are beating us down in the LGBTQI community... do not add messages of hate for what he did to me; I've moved past that. I commend Jack for his courage in writing this and coming clean.

"It's time to set the record straight. Many of you know this year I was robbed, terrorized, harassed and slandered.

"Police, courts, restraining order. I am a victim of domestic violence," Dietrich revealed. "Today, the man who perpetrated these acts on me made a statement. Via @jackmackenroth."

Back in May, in conversation with Mark Peikert on his YouTube show "The Gay Goods," Dietrich said: "I wish nothing but the best for Jack and all the happiness in the world. I love the good parts of him. I'm one of those guys who, I'm forgiving, and I love, I still love the men I've ever been with... I decided to take the high road.

"Those who know me, understand that, you know, I'm a stand-up kind of guy and I just, you know, I'm transparent I have nothing to hide," he continued. "So there was no reason for me to really fight back. Like I said he's decided to take a very different road than me. So, you know, well my Twitter feed is all puppies and rainbows, his is more like toxic land. So, you know, that's his choice. If he wants to take that route, you know, it'll all pan out."