Gay Twitter Reacts to the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Monday September 12, 2022
Originally published on September 9, 2022

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in 2012.
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in 2012.  (Source:AP Photo/Alastair Grant Pool, File)

The death of Queen Elizabeth II made headlines across the globe on Thursday. The Queen passed away at 96 years old, ending her 70-year reign over the U.K. It seems like everyone in the world has something to say about the monarch's death and that includes Gay Twitter.

Quick to react to news like weird comments made by Harry Styles or Lea Michele addressing rumors that she cannot read, Gay Twitter was no different in firing off tweets when learning of the Queen's passing. Below are around up of some of the funniest, shadiest, and most out of pocket tweets about her death as well as King Charles III succeeding her.