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Marimacho Spring 2014: Taking a Dip in the Androgynous Sea

by Mac Smith
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Sep 9, 2013

Marimacho presented their Spring/Summer 2014 collection this week at The Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and there couldn't have been a better location. These are clothes for hipsters, artists and people open to the fluidity of both gender and sexuality.

Labeled "The Deep See Collection: A Voyage into Atlantis 2050," the set instantly introduced a world where iridescent, glow-in-the-dark coral glides along with clear balloons that perfectly mimicked bubbles. "The ocean is our inspiration and our guide," Marimacho's program proudly professed. "Marimacho explores the full gamut of the ocean's moods, dangers and its possibilities of renewal as we embark on our own journey of self-discovery."

The clothes were indeed lightweight seaside suiting, but think less bikini and more 1920s jersey long tanks and linen shorts paired with blazers and no shirt. The silhouettes were decidedly retro for a future thinking design duo. And there wasn't necessarily any danger.

These are easy pieces in soft colors and comfortable looking construction. It may have been wise to stick with the languid but structured beach vibe. Anything else would have felt heavy-handed, but a bit of risk-taking might have helped diversify the silhouette.

Androgynous Ready-to-Wear

Marimacho was founded in 2010 by Crystal and Ivette González-Alé, who became both business and life partners. As a masculine-identified woman, Crystal could not find clothes that fit in both body and gender. Rather than continue a futile search, the two women saw a market opening and started designing clothes that bridge the gap between menswear and womenswear. They are filling a niche of androgynous clothing suitable for everyone.

Sure enough during the show, each of the 13 models were super slim with non-gender identifying looks. The makeup paid homage to the glam 70s era that took androgyny into the mainstream pop culture. Hair was big and teased or 40s-style set with white streaks.

The Spring/Summer 2014 show also included their first line of shoes, designed in collaboration with Mexico City-based shoemakers, Goodbye Folk.

While everything on display was attractive and easy to incorporate into one’s springtime wardrobe, nothing felt "must-have." Marimacho has great ideas and a mission, but there’s not a strong, compelling vision yet. One might say they’ve dipped their toes in the water but have yet to dive into the full potential of their design aesthetic.

Mac Smith Mac Smith is a New York City based fashion writer who has never met a cat, coat or cake he didn't love. Follow him on Instagram at @macsmith1218 and Twitter at @itcantallbedior.


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