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5 Worst Topics to Discuss on A Dating App

Friday Dec 7, 2018

We all were told it's impolite to talk money, politics, and religion with people you don't know well. The principle applies to dating apps, but no one ever told you there are more rules in online dating etiquette.

Together with gay social media & dating Taimi, we found out what are the taboo topics to discuss with matches on a dating app.

What Are You Doing Right Now

People don't usually swipe when they are skydiving, riding a horse or in between shooting in a film. The answer is pretty apparent: casually surfing the app while sitting on the coach in stretched out pajama pants — not something people would like to share.

Other Matches

Questions like "How many dialogues do you have currently?" or "How many dates did you had with other guys from the app" firstly, ruin the romantic. Secondly, make people feel like you are trying to control them. Leave this topic for later or never.

Intimate Things
You won't start the conversation with a cute guy at the bar with the question whether he is top or bottom. You won't tell him about your dispute with mom either. It's the same on dating apps: personal and intimate things are something you don't discuss right away.

Past Relationship

While this is a delicate?? topic once you're more intimately acquainted, the person you are texting should feel like they are the focus of your conversation. Not the ghost of a past relationship.

Compatibility Test

It's rather a tactic than topic. Yet, something worth mentioning. Sometimes behind innocent questions on the last book read, favorite sport and friends stands a desire to test a person for compatibility. The trick is obvious and obviously annoying — it's hard to be yourself when you are trying to fit someone's expectations. Let the conversation flow and find more about the person gradually.

Download Taimi here. If you don't feel confident about the first line — Taimi has icebreakers ;)


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