PopUps: Jared Leto Promotes New Single with Shirtless Selfie

Monday Sep 25, 2017
Jared Leto
Jared Leto  (Source:Instagram /@jaredleto)

Jared Leto's new Grindr-inspired selfie almost makes listening to his new Thirty Seconds to Mars single worth it.

The actor/singer took to Instagram over the weekend to tease his 9.8 million followers with a headless selfie, showing off his buff bod. Leto asked fans to caption the torso pic and used the hashtag #WalkOnWater - the name of his band Thirty Seconds to Mars' new single.

The pic has gone on to earn over a half-million likes and spawned thousands of responses from fans ignoring Leto's request to caption the photo and instead gush over it.

"Walk on Water" is Thirty Seconds to Mars's lead single from their upcoming fifth album. It's also the band's first single since 2013.

Check out the lyric video for the song below.


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