Gay Man Reportedly Stoned to Death in Jamaica

Jason St. Amand READ TIME: 1 MIN.

A video is gaining attention this week that reportedly shows the vicious killing of a gay man in Jamaica who was allegedly stoned to death, Pink News reports.

The video was uploaded to YouTube last week but later removed. Dwayne Brown, a Jamaican gay rights activist living in New York, shared the clip by embedding it on his blog, Minority-Insight.

"Members of the Jamaican LGBT community are deeply sadden [sic] and heartbroken by the gruesome public execution of this young man in the streets of Jamaica," Brown wrote. "The video brought tears to my eyes and causes anger to permeate my heart. Many believe that all hopes for tolerance and respect for LGBT lives in Jamaica was shattered. Fear currently ripples through the entire community."

The disturbing 40-second video shows a young man motionless on the ground, surrounded by a pool of blood. A crowd of people can be heard yelling and a man chants anti-gay slurs like "batty man."

Pink News points out that some people on social media say the attack occurred in Montego Bay and that the stoning happened a few weeks ago.

EDGE will not post the clip, due to its graphic content, but you can watch the video over at Brown's blog by clicking here.

Some human rights advocates have called Jamaica one of the most homophobic counties in the world as the Caribbean island has laws against same-sex activity for males and there is widespread violence against LGBT people.

by Jason St. Amand , National News Editor

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