Lesbian Kiss In Cereal Commercial Traumatized My Child, Says Aussie Mom

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An Australian mom went Fruit Loops this week after the Advertising Standards Board Australia rejected claims that her seven-year-old son suffered permanent psychological damage after he watched a commercial that featured two ladies briefly kissing.

LGBT Nation reported that a viewer filed a complaint with the ASB after her son watched a Kellogg's Special K advertisement titled, "Own It," that features a diverse group of women, including two sharing a brief kiss at a party.

"The add [sic] The add [sic] was ruined where it showed two women kissing. Why it did one can only wonder perhaps it was trying to support a particular agenda (eg desensitizing the public) however regardless, that physical act doesn't have anything to do with a breakfast cereal product that anyone in our society might choose to purchase and enjoy," wrote the viewer. "The ad should consider the well being of the younger generations of children and families as well as everyone else. I object to the kiss. Must we have the lesbian message shoved in our faces all the time. My 7-year-old boy doesn't need that happening in his lounge room. The ad was shown during family viewing time and included two women kissing as a couple in an attempt to normalize this behavior."

Wow. A lounge room. Classy kid! Regardless, the company responded by acknowledging that while some people might be offended by a scene depicting two women kissing, "the advertisement does not depict the scene in a way that vilifies a person or section of the community, including on account of religion or sexual preference."

"A scene briefly portraying two women kissing, in the context of an advertisement that celebrates the reality of female diversity, cannot be regarded as discriminating against or vilifying consumers with religious or other beliefs in a manner contrary to the AANA Code," they wrote.

The ASB also dismissed the complaint, writing, that, "The Board noted that this scene is very brief and considered that the overall tone of the advertisement is of women behaving confidently and there is no undue focus on this particular scene, which is very fleeting."

Although no other anti-gay groups have publicly seized upon this issue as of press time, Wicked Gay Blog spoke to the brevity of the salacious image, writing, "What I personally find so interesting about this, is that after watching the video below, you have to be looking for it. I mean REALLY looking for the kiss in question. I don't think most 7-year-olds would even notice or care unless it was reacted to with disgust by a parent. Take a look at the video below and you be the judge! I love how the 'mom' also completely misses the incredibly positive message the commercial attempts to convey."

by Winnie McCroy , EDGE Editor

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