Jordan Kirk in a photo with his Louis Vuitton bag. Source: Facebook

Ark. Man Accuses Casino of Discrimination Because He Was Wearing a Murse


An Arkansas gay man posted on Facebook that he was discriminated against by a local casino because he was wearing a purse, Little Rock television station KARK reports.

"Jordan Kirk says a security guard and supervisor at Oaklawn Casino told him he needed to take his bag back to the car before coming inside, despite multiple women carrying similar bags," the KARK report continues."Kirk says when he asked them why, he was told it's because 'men don't wear purses.' "

Recounting the incident on Facebook, Kirk wrote that he and his husband had gone to the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort Friday night for "their first date in quite a while" where they were denied entrance because the Louis Vuitton purse he was carrying was too large. Kirk was told by security that he could return the bag to his car, then he would be allowed entrance.

"I informed the security guard that this is my man purse (murse) and I would not be putting it back in the car, to which I was told men do not carry purses they carry bags and because it goes over my shoulder it is considered a bag.. and it would have to be returned to the car if I wished to enter for the second time," Kirk wrote.

A woman waiting in the line pointed out to security that her bag was larger than Kirk's and she felt they were discriminating against him, Kirk said. A floor supervisor intervened who allegedly told the couple that "men do not carry purses" and he wouldn't be let in with it.

"We asked if a woman was to carry my bag through the door as a purse, would it be allowed? And they told us YES! I was just infuriated, and determined to make my point that I was getting inside with my murse or going to cause a much larger scene," Kirk wrote.

Jordan also asked the floor supervisor if he had a "vagina" would he be turned away with the bag; to which the supervisor replied, "if I was a woman, I could carry a purse inside Oaklawn onto the Casino Floor."

The Casino's General Manager was called, who authorized that if Jordan allowed security to search his bag, he could enter with it. The reason being he may be carrying explosives.

"Are you kidding me," Kirk wrote on Facebook, "Because I'm gay, I'm carrying a man I may carry explosives?"

He agreed to allow them to search the bag, but added he felt he was "unfairly treated because the women are not being searched as they enter with much larger bags which could be better at hiding explosives." At that time Kirk was allowed in the casino where he stayed for about an hour. But he wondered, "Who is going to blow up their Louis Vuitton on purpose?"

In an update, Jordan writes on Facebook: "I have received ONE apology from the Vice President of Marketing, Joan Botts via Facebook Messenger ]On behalf of Oaklawn, I'd like to apologize for the (in)convenience last night. The situation has been addressed with our team members. Thank you.'"

He also added: "Sometime on Monday they deactivated the ability to leave a review on their Facebook Page as well as sending them Facebook Messages. They also removed their email address from their website. By Tuesday morning, their Facebook Page has been removed completely." By Thursday the page has been restored, but has been scrubbed clean of messages.

On Monday, Kirk posted an additional update disputing the claim by the general manager that he was misrepresenting the turn of events, suggesting he was denied entry. "Yes, after I fought for my right to carry my murse/purse/bag/satchel I played on the casino floor to spend the $20 I had brought to blow! I never denied they did not let me inside after this altercation. I'm pretty sure KARK even said we had went inside to gamble my $20! ???? so who is spreading fake news? Cause it's not me.."

Read Kirk's Facebook posts below.

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