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LA Gay Sex Clubs, Bathhouses Host Monkeypox Vaccination Clinics

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Los Angeles area gay sex clubs and bathhouses are partnering with local health centers to battle the monkeypox virus. The venues are hosting vaccination clinics with hopes to stop the spread of the virus in the queer community.

As reported by WEHO Times, no proof of qualifications have been required at these events, and anyone with a valid ID can receive a vaccine.

Wesley Health Centers, a contracted provider that normally does HIV and STI testing at these spaces, reportedly administered 150 vaccinations at the first event on July 23 and quickly ran out.

During another event at Flex Spa on July 26, the clinic distributed 338 monkeypox vaccinations. Then at Slammer sex 250 vaccinations were administered before people were directed to Obregon Park where proof of a PrEP prescription was required.

With California Gov. Gavin Newsom declaring a State of Emergency to combat the outbreak of monkeypox in the state, queer spaces risk being shutdown to prevent further outbreaks, which might result in many of them being closed permanently

"Los Angeles County lost four gay sex entertainment spaces during the COVID-19 shutdown," WEHO Times reports. "Two Roman Holiday bathhouses, The Zone sex club and 1750 spa shuttered after being closed for over two years."

Information about upcoming monkeypox vaccination clinics can be found at

by Emell Adolphus

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