The debris from a crash last week left sex toys on an Oklahoma highway Source: KWTV video

Watch: Sex Toys, Lube Litter Oklahoma Highway After Crash


A semi-truck overturned on an Oklahoma highway last Wednesday which led to some awkward broadcasting on a local news station that led the story as breaking news.


As reported by Complex, "Drivers on Oklahoma's I-40 were treated to quite a surprise on Wednesday, as a semi-truck carrying what appeared to be sex toys overturned on the highway."


The CBS Oklahoma City affiliate KWTV broke the story. The crash occurred on I-40 near Mustang Road on the western outskirts of Oklahoma City. A semi-truck flipped after colliding with another vehicle, leaving hundreds of boxes of dildos and lubricant scattered across the freeway.


Newsweek reports that in the footage reporter Jim Gardner, who was on the helicopter, said: "This is a semi that overturned and lost its load here. There is a lot of stuff to clean up."


A station anchor pressed: "Jim can you tell what he's carrying there? What's all over the road?"


As the cameras zoom in for a closeup shot Gardner replies: "We're zooming in...not really. I can't tell. Maybe you can tell?"



The story was tweeted by Barstool Sports with the comment: "A tractor trailer full of dildos and lube flipped and spilled all over a highway in Oklahoma."


Newsweek adds: "Speaking to The U.S. Sun Oklahoma City Police Department confirmed "toys" had been spilled on the highway by the crash, though didn't give further details."

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