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Meet Olympic Danish Swimmer Søren Dahl, NFL Star Carl Nassib's Boyfriend

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When Carl Nassib came out as gay in 2021, he became the first active out NFL player to participate in a regular season game. At the time of his announcement, he was on the Las Vegas Raiders but he has since joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This courageous act of bravery from Nassib was lauded for a myriad of reasons, mainly for the inspiration and impact it will have on young queer athletes trying to understand how to fit in. Nassib has continued to donate to the Trevor Project during Pride Month the last two years. This organization has been instrumental in preventing suicide in LGBTQ+ youth.

Now that Nassib has been out for a bit, fans around the world have taken more of an interest in his love life. Is Nassib dating right now? Who is his current beau? Carl Nassib recently went public with his relationship with Danish swimmer Søren Dahl on Instagram. We decided it was time to dive into the 29-year-old athlete's social media accounts and online presence to make you a little more familiar with this new athletic power couple!

This post on Dahl's IG shows the pair in a variety of settings, but the cutest one is perhaps at one of Nassib's games for the Buccaneers. Nassib sees Dahl on the sideline recording and gives him a smile of acknowledgement. This display of affection is something not many of us could have imagined years ago in a male professional sports setting. We often see athletes' spouses and partners on the field or pitch after a big game. Seeing a same-sex union get to experience the same celebrations and euphoria after a championship performance as a straight couple would demonstrate for the world how normal it can be to see gay athletes and their families in the aftermath of a sporting event. In this way, Dahl and Nassib once again get to serve as major inspirations to queer youth.

Now for some steaminess from Dahl! The swimmer decided to show off his body in the sands of Santa Catarina back in March of 2022. The accompanying caption from Dahl sees the Danish hunk compare himself to Timothee Chalamet in "Dune," one of the biggest science-fiction films from 2021. We certainly wouldn't mind seeing Dahl in the sequel next to Chalamet and Zendaya!

Søren Dahl is most known for being a swimmer, so the water is basically his natural habitat. Here Dahl shows off his comfortability in the waves of the Dominican Republic, replete with a shot of his beautiful smile and in-shape abs. No wonder Carl Nassib was attracted to the Dane! Handsome and athletic is a great combination.

Dahl has had his most success inside of a swimming pool, but he also has taken great strides in the classroom. In these two posts, Dahl celebrates graduating from North Carolina State University and then getting his Master's degree from Texas Christian University, also known as TCU. Olympic athletes and swimmers in general tend to have short athletic careers, so it's awesome to see Dahl prepare for his future by getting a couple of degrees and furthering his education. It will be exciting to see what he does next!

Dahl has had some great achievements in the swimming pool as an NCAA collegiate athlete, and here he remembers his win at the 2017 NCAA 800m Freestyle Relay. The win actually broke records for fastest time during this event. This was a follow-up to Dahl's appearance in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Unfortunately, the swimmer didn't take home any medals at this event.

What's sexier than a man in a cowboy hat? A fit swimmer in a cowboy hat! Here we can see a younger Dahl hanging out with what is presumably a college buddy enjoying the campus life that many of us yearned to have in our younger years. This is one of the better close-ups of Dahl's physique on his IG, and we're glad he posted it!

This post of Dahl was taken in 2015 when the swimmer was only 22 years old. His baby face looks sweet and adorable, along with his Christmas spirit exhibited by his Santa hat. A little bit of facial hair also looks good on him here!

Thirst traps don't have to be shirtless, right? Dahl decided to visit Seattle's famous Pike Place Market back in 2019. It's great to see someone who's worldly and wants to see the enormous planet we live on. Dahl should consider taking his newfound boyfriend to the Pacific Northwest sometime in the future. It would surely create some great memories.

by Shawn Laib

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