13 Pics to Get to Know Out Olympian and OnlyFans Star Matthew Mitcham

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Another sign of Mitcham's modeling expertise is how creative he is while posing in his thirst traps. This summer vibe IG picture shows off Mitcham in the water, covering up his private area with a flamingo floatie. Many commenters were joking about how they wish they could trade places with the inanimate object!

Yet another creative photo of Mitcham is displayed above in which he censors himself with a long piece of wood. He jokes in the caption about the irony of the censorship and fans added to the fun with some dirty puns in the comments section.

This thirst trap is more focused on Mitcham's husband, Luke Rutherford. The couple celebrated Rutherford's birthday by showing off his body in a mermaid suit and spending time in the swimming pool!

Sun's out, buns out for Mitcham in this thirst trap. The diver takes Instagram's censorship limits to the test here with a full reveal of his backside against an ocean and beach background.

More of the same in this thirst trap. Mitcham continues to show off what he's got from behind in this steamy beachside photo.

This beautiful picture is not only a great thirst trap showing off both Mitcham and his hubby, Luke Rutherford. It also serves to inspire other young gay athletes in their desires of finding a partner for life. Fans commented below the photo wishing the two lovebirds the best in their quest to remain together forever!

Mitcham is once again in his birthday suit for his 31st birthday. He adds to the sexy post in the water by explaining how his husband and himself were going to enjoy the day without any of the traditional party trappings of the gay party scene.

by Shawn Laib

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