The Oregon Lottery: When You Play, Oregon Wins


On February 3, a $100,000 winning Powerball ticket was purchased in Cottage Grove.

On February 4, a $1 million winner was purchased in Beaverton.

Oregonians win big Lottery prizes quite often, and every day, every resident of Oregon wins thanks to funds generated by Lottery games played across the state.

Since 1984, when Oregon voters first created the lottery, nearly $15 billion in Oregon Lottery funds have been used to help:

  • Support public education – from kindergarten through college – across the entire state.
  • Fund our state parks and natural habitats
  • Create jobs and economic growth in every one of our 36 counties
  • Subsidize veterans' services including healthcare and home loans

    Oregon's Commitment to Education

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    Oregon's Commitment to Education

    Today, a whopping 53% of all Oregon Lottery profits are allocated to the general funds of school districts statewide. They're used for programs ranging from physical infrastructure, to academic scholarships for higher education, to intercollegiate athletics.

    Whether it's a jackpot drawing like Powerball, a colorful Scratch-it ticket, a round of Keno, or Vegas-style Video Lottery, every time folks play Oregon Lottery games, Oregon's students benefit.

    The Oregon Lottery also sponsors the Oregon Teacher of the Year award, helping acknowledge and honor the dedicated, creative educators who help ensure that our children – and our state – are prepared for a bright future.

    A total of more than $8.3 billion of lottery proceeds have gone to Oregon public schools since 1995.

    Your Lottery Dollar

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    Your Lottery Dollar

    Whether you occasionally treat yourself to $1 Scratch-it games like Lucky Spot and Cash Hunt or you regularly get together with workmates to fund a hefty office Powerball pool, it feels good to know that 91 cents of each dollar spent to play Oregon Lottery games goes back to players as prize money.

    That adds up to over $140 Billion in prize money won by players since the lottery began!

    It's the remaining 9 cents of each dollar that help support education, state parks, veterans services and more. They also cover 100% of the Oregon Lottery's operating expenses, including salaries and advertising. Not a single tax dollar is ever used to support the lottery!

    Doing Good Things

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    Doing Good Things

    Playing the Oregon Lottery is an easy way to have fun and enjoy a bit of excitement while supporting the public programs that Oregonians truly value.

    There are more than 3,000 retail locations for Oregon Lottery games. You can play at service stations, supermarkets and mom-and-pop shops in every corner of the state.

    So pick a number. Scratch a ticket. Keep your fingers crossed for good luck. And know that every time you play, Oregon wins.

    Lottery games are based on chance and should be played for entertainment only, not investment purposes. Odds and payout vary by game.

    Concerned about your own or someone else's gambling? Visit or call 1 877-MYLIMIT .

    by Jim Gladstone

    Jim Gladstone is a San Francisco-based writer and creative strategist.

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