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Does Weed Make Sex Better?

Christopher Ehlers READ TIME: 3 MIN.

While more research is needed on this front, anecdotal experience suggests that cannabis can enhance sexual experience.

To learn more about cannabis' effect on sex, The New York Times recently talked to several experts to shed light on the matter.

According to the Times, both men and women have long reported that cannabis alters their sexual experience, and in an online survey of more than 200 women and men, 60% of respondents said that cannabis increased their desire for sex. Amazingly, almost 74% reported increased sexual satisfaction, and less than 5% said it made sex worse.

Regarding sexual function in males, existing research is limited and has produced contradictory results. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, some men report that their sexual performance improves when they use marijuana, while others experience problems such as less motivation for sex, erectile dysfunction, trouble reaching orgasm, or premature ejaculation. In addition, cannabis use has also been associated with reductions in sperm count, concentration, motility, and viability.

"At low doses, cannabis helps libido," says Dr. Peter Grinspoon, a primary-care doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital. "But at high doses, it often isn't as effective," adding that the wrong amount will lead some people to become paranoid and anxious. It can also inhibit orgasm, creating the opposite effect of what was intended.

In another study reported on by Insider, a group of 41 gay men reported that marijuana improved their sexual experiences with some even saying that being high helped them last longer and gave them more intense orgasms. The small study, published in the journal Culture, Health & Sexuality, also found that the majority of participants said that cannabis didn't only increase pleasure, but it lowered inhibitions and helped them feel less anxious and more intimate during sex.

"I've been having anal sex for, like, probably a decade" shared one participant. "But until very, very, very recently while having an edible, I've never actually liked it. It's never been better than a six out of ten. I'm actually enjoying this for like the first time, solidly, like a nine out of ten. It changed something in me."

by Christopher Ehlers

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