Charles Melton attends Chopard ART Evening at the Martinez on May 23, 2023 in Cannes, France. Source: Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Chopard

Get to Know Charles Melton, the Hunky Star of Todd Haynes' 'May December'

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Charles Melton is rapidly earning a larger LGBTQ+ fanbase and his recent casting as Joe Yoo in "May December," a romantic drama from out director Todd Haynes that just opened for viewing at the Cannes Film Festival earlier in the week, is sure to catch some eyes. Also starring Juliane Moore and Natalie Portman, the film, which earned critically acclaimed reactions from audiences at the festival and was just picked up by Netflix, follows an actress (Portman) who visits a renowned married couple with a great age disparity (Moore, Melton) to study and prepare for an upcoming role.

Melton may also be known to teenage audiences thanks to his role in the CW hit series "Riverdale." He has the combination of good looks and charisma that captivates audiences from every walk of life, and we're here to profile his social media presence so you can get better acquainted with Melton as his star continues an upward trajectory!

Charles Melton has always taken pride in his Korean ancestry that comes from his mother's side of the family. Here the actor pays tribute to his beautiful mom on Mother's Day 2023 with an adorable picture of the two of them in the present, followed by a couple of shots from the past when Melton was a child. Fans really enjoyed seeing Melton as a child. It's always good for an actor's relatability when we can see where they came from and how much they've grown!

You may come to Charles Melton's IG to see his handsome looks, but you'll stick around for the infinite cuteness of his pups! In this set of pictures, Melton's dogs look bored and in need of attention from their father, who looks more interested in obsessing with whatever's on his phone screen. The life of a dog can certainly be one that lacks patience.

Sometimes simplicity really brings out someone's best features. In this case with Charles Melton, fans really got the opportunity to thirst over the actor in a laid back setting. The actor is donning a white tank top with a kitchen backdrop, and he looks as good as ever! Fans also had some fun with the ambiguous caption of " spaghettios coming up."

Melton looks pretty in pink in these photos from some sort of celebrity event in July 2022. With other big stars like Andrew Garfield playing it safe with jeans and darker colors, Melton's hot pink look stands out in a crowd of people. The backwards baseball cap adds a boyish charm to this ensemble.

Melton may not have children of his own, but it looks like he enjoys time with the other little tykes in his family. While we're not sure whether these are Melton's cousins or nieces and nephews, he's a great older adult in their lives from the looks of it. Nothing is more important than staying grounded around the ones who love and care about you.

Time to turn the heat up a couple of notches! Melton enjoys a vacation on the water with some shirtless thirst traps that he claims were taken by his mother. This ensures that the photography is never going to become more mature than PG rated, but we can still enjoy the handsome looks of the actor all the same.

More vacation photos show Melton close up, chiseled abs right in the spotlight for fans to take in. People in the comments section enjoyed the actor's happy trail (the hair at the bottom of the stomach) and the tropical vibes of whatever resort he's staying at.

If pictures are worth 1,000 words, this one of Charles Melton being lifted by a sea of fans certainly tells quite the story. The actor is certainly adored by these people, but we're unsure of whether this was at a concert or another event. It sure looks exciting, though!

Melton shares an article in which he talks about the prevalence of anti-Asian hate crimes throughout the United States and the responsibility of celebrities who have Asian heritage to speak up for those who are being abused. Melton comes off as an inspirational presence for the Asian-American community who understands what it takes to help those who don't have a voice in the fight for equality.

Melton looks as gorgeous as usual while on a desert hike. We're not sure where he's vacationing here, but it looks like good exercise and a great time in the sun.

Even actors have to fill up their cars with gas. Melton wishes everyone on IG a happy Memorial Day here in May 2020, and this writer loves his choice of decal on the front of the vehicle (Go Seahawks!).

Melton adds a black and white aesthetic and some glasses here for a classic and timeless look that will never go out of style. The newspaper makes for an intellectual presence to the picture. There's just something about reading that makes someone look more interesting, or maybe that's just because Melton is the subject of the photo.

by Shawn Laib

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