Antonio Moreno (aka retired adult male star Hector de Silva)

Antonio Moreno – Ex-Adult Male Star – Elected Mayor of Spanish Town


Last month EDGE reported that a gay former adult film star was running for mayor in a rural Spanish village even though he only left the adult film industry six years ago. Better known to adult movie fans as Hector de Silva, Antonio Moreno entered the race saying he was alarmed by a plummeting population count in Carcelén, in the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha, located three hours from Madrid.

On Wednesday, May 31, the Spanish-language website Marca reports Moreno has won, doing so singlehandedly. (No pun intended.) "Thanks to the almost 400 ballots counted, Antonio Moreno has obtained four of the seven councilors of Carcelén, something that makes him the new mayor with an absolute majority, so he will avoid any pact and will be able to govern alone. 92.74 % of the population located in the electoral roll only left 31 abstentions, three null and one blank.

"Thus, Antonio Moreno definitively leaves behind his past as a gay porn actor, in an industry in which during his work he was known as Hugo de Silva. After leaving the filming, he became a forest firefighter and fell in love with the town that is now governed by the PP."

Moreno told The Daily Star last month, "I was born in the city of Albacete, but when I arrived here I fell in love with this village and its natural environment, which is spectacular."

The porn star-turned-livestock farmer, who lives with his partner in Carcelén, will run for mayor for the the Partido Popular (PP). The tiny town has 483 inhabitants.

Moreno told the Star that his family, "who supported me, knew about" his "past as a porn actor." He added that his past career in adult films "is a stage in my life that I don't regret because I learned a lot."

And adds his focus is on "making Carcelén a better town."

He said the town "needs to improve in many things because it is very neglected, we have a very high IBI property tax, and there is less and less population because there is no work to attract families with children."

"After six years living in Carcelén, a proposal from the right-wing party made him put aside his austere life with his cattle and live his first political experience. "I told them that I had no problem, but that I wanted to do it with a group that had never had anything to do with politics. What we want is to work for the people and do projects for the people," he said in an interview with ABC, reports Marca.

"I fell in love with the town from the first day," Moreno declared in the aforementioned outlet. Already in his presentation as a candidate, last April, he expressed what his mandate ideal was like: "Govern facing our people, our people, and hand-in-hand with those to whom we must render accounts, listening to all to meet the demands."

Over his adult career, Moreno appeared in some 44 features (according to the porn index website Waybig) for such outlets as Men at Play, Raging Stallion, and

Check out some (edited) pics from his adult career as he sets out on his new political chapter.

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