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Meet Rising Out Influencer Connor Gowland

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If you want to get a daily dose of adorable blonde-haired-handsomeness, Taylor Swift-stanning, and cute puppy-owner interactions, look no further than the social media accounts of Connor Gowland.

This gay influencer first took off after he was on "The Late Late Show With James Corden" as a contestant on the host's "Late Late Live Tinder" segment. Since then he has continued to share shirtless vacation selfies, dog adoption stories, and lip sync videos with his growing base of fans. Gowland has 127,000 IG followers as of this writing. Here is a collection of his best moments online!

This was the original video of Gowland winning a date with out soccer star Collin Martin in 2019 on James Corden's late night talk show. This live version of Tinder is played out just like on the app, with the subject of the skit swiping figuratively on a variety of contestants until they pick from the final three.

Despite great chemistry between the two men, Gowland later reported on his YouTube channel that it never developed into a relationship. Still, a very fun segment and kudos to James Corden for being diverse in his choice of contestants on his show and not just sticking to straight pairings for this segment.

Gowland is one of the most active vacationers on Instagram, seemingly always showing off a new locale he's visiting no matter what time of the year it is. He brags about going to Miami in the middle of the winter here to escape from a rare drought in Los Angeles. His incredible physique is front and center in the picture, with Gowland wearing nothing but a skimpy blue pair of swim trunks that shows off his body and all of his hard work in the gym.

@connorgunner Theo ❤️‍🔥 #theojames #whitelotus ♬ original sound - E! News

With this TikTok, Gowland is seen joking about his thirst for Theo James, one of the hotties from the second season of HBO's hit series "The White Lotus." We concur that James is quite the sight to behold! Why wouldn't you want to get close to the star actor?

Gowland looks great in what he describes as a progress picture. The influencer is often showing off his workouts and the results from those exercises with his fans.

@connorgunner Ok hear me out
♬ original sound - Matt Rhoades

Gowland flexes a good sense of humor in this post joking about his good looks and penchant for wanting a good drink. We certainly can't blame him!

Gowland looks incredible standing over the sunset at the Castle House in Joshua Tree, California. The Castle House is an essential hotel and lodge for any vacationer in the California area, with some of the most beautiful views in the state.

@connorgunner Midnight thoughts.. excuse my retainers 😬
♬ original sound - Connor Gowland

Gowland looks cuddly and cute in his bed while talking about the phenomenon of crying during movies.

Gowland is a passionate animal lover. Here he advertises the HIT Living Foundation, an animal rescue service in Los Angeles. The puppies are a great accompaniment to Gowland's handsome underwear shoot!

@connorgunner Get in the holiday spirit by making crepes with your friends! @callmebelly #holidaycountdown #holidaytreats #cooking #boys ♬ original sound - Connor Gowland

Gowland and fellow influencer Elliott Norris have some fun making crepes and sharing some laughs in this cheerful video. Fans had no problems with shipping the two hunks in the comments section!

Nicole Kidman's iconic AMC theaters ad is the subject of Gowland's shirt in this thirst trap. We excuse you if you're a little distracted by other areas of the photo, though!

Gowland is a massive Taylor Swift stan and here he decides to show off his body while covering his face with one of the pop star's album covers, "Midnights."

@connorgunner I ...
♬ Just A Girl - No Doubt

Gowland gets in on the "this Barbie is a___" TikTok trend from this past April, after the "Barbie" movie trailer hit the internet, and he's certainly surprised at the result of the meme!

Gowland is seen hiking with his adorable puppy in the dry and beautiful landscape of Utah.

More dog pics for Gowland, this time on the beach during a St. Patrick's Day celebration!

Even Lady Gaga loves Gowland's dog in this throwback video of the time he introduced the pup to the world-famous singer.

Gowland wasn't afraid to let his political affiliations show when he encouraged his followers to celebrate the inauguration of Joe Biden in January 2021.

by Shawn Laib

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