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Getting to Know TikTok Couple Dakota and Jackson Wright

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You know what's better than one social media star in a viral video? Two social media stars, of course!

We especially love when a dynamic duo is a lovingly married queer couple. Dakota and Jackson Wright have become known for their funny and light-hearted TikTok videos where they do random lifestyle activities, and their vids of frequenting and trying new restaurants has become a staple of their content.

The couple got engaged on Andy Cohen's Bravo talk show back in 2018 and it's been nothing but sharing love through fast food and friendships ever since. We think it would be a lot of fun for you to see some of their best social media videos together with a potpourri of their greatest hits.

The backstory on this engagement is that Dakota, 30, has been a lifelong fan of reality TV, Bravo, and of Andy Cohen's show "Watch What Happens Live!" Cohen and Jackson were able to set up the engagement to take place on the show. Jackson got down on one knee and Dakota excitedly accepted the proposal with Cohen looking on in satisfaction. We're so happy that this marriage is still together and entertaining the masses almost five years after the engagement!

@printfairy Ruby Tuesday for dinner with my husband
♬ original sound - dakotawright

Dakota and Jackson are seen here having fun ordering at Ruby Tuesday. You get to see some of their signature humor and style on TikTok as they talk about ordering side salads, mac and cheese, burgers, and more of the classic Americana the restaurant has become known for. Some in the comments section said they prefer Ruby Tuesday to Applebees, but Dakota quickly put them in their place in classic fashion.

@printfairy Hardees mukbang and life updates full vid on yew tewb #CapCut ♬ 7AM (Sped Up) - adrian

Dakota is apart from Jackson in this clip of the former enjoying some onion rings from Hardee's. Dakota talks about how satisfying it is to get an entire package of food rather than just some scraps as many fast food joints give you some stragglers from the bottom of their fryer. Dakota also talks about how difficult it is to be away from Jackson while doing these videos.

@printfairy this is my ONLY acct btw #CapCut ♬ Hey Lover - The Daughters Of Eve

One of the best TikTok trends that endures on the app is a selection of slideshows that demonstrate how a person or couple has aged through the years in reverse order. Dakota and Jackson get in on this trend by showing their origins as a couple from seven years ago when Dakota was 23 and Jackson was 26. They are now 30 and 33, respectively. We also get a great photo of them on their vow ceremony night!

@printfairy rating food like @reed.parish ♬ Kawaii Aesthetic - LoES

If you've ever wanted a comprehensive look at the menu at burger restaurant Jack in the Box, look no further than this one by Dakota and Jackson. They try everything from shakes to french toast sticks to cheesecake. It may not be the healthiest lunch place in the world, but I wholeheartedly endorse Jack.

@printfairy Fit check for ScreamVI red carpet
♬ original sound - dakotawright

Dakota and Jackson step out of their usual arena to have some fun on the red carpet for the premiere of "Scream VI" back in March. The men look stunning in their dapper white and black matching fits that play off of each other with beauty and vision.

@printfairy Cookout for dinner
♬ original sound - dakotawright

"I'm Jackson and I'm into three things: truckin', cluckin', and slaw-dog munchin.'" If you want to know why these two are constantly bringing a smile to people's faces, it's because of lines like these. The couple's review of their fried chicken from Cookout is one of the best videos yet, and I'm sure you'll get a laugh and a hankering for some southern food.

@printfairy Replying to @ohnomykite always credit to @drewafualo ♬ Grass skirt chase - Julian Rosas

Dakota hits back at the haters in the best way possible in the comments section in this video, screenshotting some of the nastiest things said to him and putting them on blast for their negativity. It's cool to see social media stars take things in stride and keep on trucking.

@printfairy Replying to @congenialcrook ♬ original sound - dakotawright

Dakota addresses the health risks of his fast food consumption in this video. He talks about some of the struggles he's had with eating disorders throughout his life and how the food he eats helps him to overcome some of his mental health problems. It's very important for fans to understand the full picture before judging someone for their diet online. Dakota addressing these points is courageous and vital for the LGBTQ+ community.

@printfairy Krispy Kreme has the best donuts
♬ original sound - dakotawright

Dakota enjoys some of Krispy Kreme's cookie butter donuts in this solo clip. We wonder what Jackson would have thought of the treats. Hopefully the two can go to the donut shop together in the future.

@printfairy Olive Garden for dinner
♬ original sound - dakotawright

Dakota and Jackson enjoy one of the most famous semi-fancy restaurants in the country, Olive Garden. From the mozzarella sticks and bread, to the salad and fettuccine Alfredo, there are endless menu choices when you go to this famous Italian eatery.

by Shawn Laib

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