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With Max's 'Swiping America,' Get to Know Kris Kelkar

Shawn Laib READ TIME: 3 MIN.

Unless you're incredibly tapped into the reality TV scene, you probably haven't heard of Kris Kelkar yet, but that might be about to change. Kelkar is a queer Instagram influencer and data scientist, who is appearing on the Max romantic reality series "Swiping America," which is now streaming.

In this unique show, the reality stars will go to different metropolitan areas such as Seattle, Miami, and New Orleans in an attempt to find love. The show will be presented as a documentary, and it's supposed to show the ways expanding your geographic dating horizons can lead to a successful relationship or at least some dates.

Kelkar is a true hunk who has taken LGBTQ+ social media by storm since the announcement of his appearance on the show. His 28,000 followers are sure to grow steadily in the lead up to the premiere and after the episodes air. We want to help you get to know Kelkar more before the premiere on June 15, and his Instagram has a large variety of photos to choose from. We've curated the best ones for your viewing pleasure.

One of the advantages of being home is that you don't have to wear a shirt, right? Kelkar decided to let loose and go without a top in his kitchen, and we're definitely happy about that decision. Fans in the comments section were definitely excited about the photos, and we wonder how often Kelkar will go the shirtless route on "Swiping America."

Kelkar looks like a very relatable man despite his sudden reality star status. Here he shows off some suave looks in the kitchen, accompanied by a pun with his last name. The black tank top and shorts combo looks good with the decor of the room.

Everyone needs some rest and relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Kelkar looks like he's chilling in his home and he looks incredible while doing so. The bright yellow tank top is a great look on him, and the second picture shows off some armpit action for those who have a thing it.

One of Kelkar's main interests is photography, and his IG grin has some of his best shots from his camera roll. This collection shows off both the natural and urban beauty of Brooklyn, New York right at the dawn of spring. The purple flowers and the artwork on the buildings mix together for a mesmerizing alchemy of aesthetic pleasure.

More photography from Kelkar shows off his neighborhood in the fall in Boerum Hill. The simplicity of the leaves, ivy, and objects like buildings and bicycles help bring the ensemble together. Kelkar has some awesome artwork skills that really capture all of the emotional elements of a scene.

Kelkar wishes his twin brother a happy birthday with some adorable throwback pictures from childhood. Their bond looks like it's been tight for a long time.

Kelkar gets in the spooky mood it would appear in this collection from October 2019. The influencer is dressed in a nerdy costume with broken glasses and blood seeping from his chest, adding to whatever scary depiction he's trying to pull off. We think it's definitely working!

We go way back to 2014 for this photo of Kelkar with a freshly shaven hairstyle. He claims he wanted a change his looks, and we think it would be fun if he went with this short buzz cut yet again here in 2023. The evidence is right there in front of him that he looks great.

We get to see Kelkar in his natural element here, standing happily with his camera in front of a piece of artwork in a museum. We can't decide whether the painting or Kelkar looks more attractive, but we'll be sure to appreciate both!

Pride month is a special time for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community, and it's nice to see Kelkar participating in the festivities at a festival in 2018. The golden sparkles around the eyes, purple speckled beard, and rainbow tank all come together for a very colorful and queer look that is sure to brighten anyone's day during Pride.

We finally get a photo of Kelkar standing in front of the purple flowers that he so often photographs, and the results are wonderful. He looks happy and ready to explore more that nature has to offer, and we can't wait to see all of the pictures he comes up with in the future, including anything on "Swiping America."

by Shawn Laib

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