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Getting to Know Out Influencer Jackson Krecioch

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If you were a YouTube-obsessed social media fanatic in the mid-2010s, you've probably heard the name Jackson Krecioch. This charming 25-year-old influencer garnered a large following for his interest in music, dabbling in the arts, and willingness to show off the adventures he shared with his boyfriend, Dylan Geick.

In the years since his height of popularity, Krecioch has shifted his focus to the occasional IG post or TikTok, but his handsome allure and interesting sense of humor remain intact. We want to re-acquaint you with Krecioch through a compilation of his best social media hits both new and old!

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This is one of the most recent TikToks posted by Krecioch. He seems to be enjoying the open water, looking happy and healthy with a short-buzzed haircut and attractive dark sweatshirt for a simplistic style that's hard to beat.

Krecioch celebrates his 25th birthday at the beginning of June 2023 with this celebratory post from the beautiful country of Greece. Fans in the comments noticed how much the influencer has grown both physically and emotionally, talking about how proud they were of his progress through the years. The arm sleeve tattoo is also a nice addition to Krecioch's sex appeal and swag!

Let's go back to Krecioch's more formative years on YouTube. Just 20 years old here, the Internet celebrity embraced his more feminine side by doing a makeup tutorial with his fans for everyone to learn his routine. Fans in the comments noticed how good he was at applying the makeup, considering it was his first time ever doing it!

It's always fun to see our favorite influencers getting to meet their favorite celebrities, and Krecioch looks to be enjoying his time with popular musician Post Malone in June of 2022!

Our first thirst trap of the article shows off how Kreciouch's physique has filled out and become more beefy as he has aged into his mid-20s. Commenters think Krecioch shows some resemblance to famous comedic Hollywood actor Jim Carrey, but we're not sure if we agree!

♬ original sound - Everett

Krecioch seems to be having some fun taking a ferry in this TikTok, but he admits that seasickness was threatening to ruin his time. Fans wished him well in the comments section below the video. Even when he's not feeling himself, Krecioch still has a charming presence in his videos!

♬ getting older - -

This TikTok has Krecioch musing over the changes that come with being older and wiser, and how it's too bad young people aren't told about how loneliness and being single is something everyone has to overcome at some point to evolve and become who they want to be.

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Krecioch decides to make Spider-Man a little steamier in this sensual post of him dressed up as the dark version of the famous superhero character.

This throwback picture of Krecioch from 2019 shows him with pinkish-purple hair and an adorable puppy and kitten by his side. The influencer says that if you don't like animals like he does, things simply aren't going to work out between him and any potential suitors. We can't say we blame him!

Krecioch was in a much-publicized relationship with fellow influencer Dylan Geick back in 2017. Here he has some fun with Geick dressing up for Halloween as the two pretend to be a cop and a prisoner, respectively. There aren't a lot of remnants of their romance online anymore, so this is one of the only remaining videos on either man's social media accounts.

♬ original sound - Business | Quotes | Motivation

Another TikTok discussing the ways that Krecioch has learned the harsh realities of adulthood and all of the rules and hardships that come with becoming older. The influencer jokes that these revelations started to pour in during 2019.

This cute video of Jackson and Dylan enjoying some foreign candies is another great throwback to the height of their romance. It makes us wish they could have stayed together forever making content, as their chemistry and positive energy is palpable and very fun to watch!

Krecioch comes up with a unique way to come out to friends and family by advising fans to send this meme to the important people you still need to come out to. It's important to remember to only come out once the time is right, though.

Krecioch doesn't really do many musical performances anymore, but we thought it would be fun to show one of his most-viewed music videos from when he was more actively pursuing this career. The song, titled "Little Things," was able to garner over two million views on YouTube!

by Shawn Laib

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