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Getting to Know Rising Out TikTok Influencer Jaks Attack

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If you want to start following an out influencer who is equally capable of giving you PG-rated content and "spicier" stuff, too, take a look at Jaks Attack.

With nearly 70,000 followers on TikTok, this handsome, glowing import from Canada gives his opinions related to dating, coming out, being a gay best friend, hygiene, and more. He also has an OnlyFans account where he promises "naughty and nice" content. These are his best TikTok posts that give you a taste of his repertoire, along with a couple of non-TikTok social posts!

@jaksattacks First date Advice! #dating #datingadvice #single #firstdate #couples ♬ original sound - Jaks Attack

Jaks Attack talks here about the four types of first dates, at least the ones that he wants to focus on. From casual hookups to dinner at a fancy restaurant, he reminds us that there are a variety of ways to get to know the person you are interested in. Knowing what you want to do with your suitor before going out for the first time should theoretically lead to more success in the future of the relationship.

@jaksattacks Having a passion for what you do is amazing #passion #dating #motivation #fyp #lovewhatyoudo ♬ original sound - Jaks Attack

Jaks Attack talks here about how he finds it incredibly attractive when someone is passionate about something they love, whether this is a hobby or their career of choice. Seeing the energy, thought, and drive that goes into improving upon a skill or a talent can often make someone who isn't traditionally your type much more attractive. Passions show that a person has a purpose in life and they want to share it with the world.

@jaksattacks Replying to @Th #gay #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #lgbt #bestie #fyp #storytime ♬ original sound - Jaks Attack

Queer men are known for having a favorite female pop artist, such as Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga, but there are some male artists who have also garnered passionate LGBTQ+ fans. Jaks Attack talks about his love for the always-gorgeous Shawn Mendes, a fellow Canadian whose personal life is often in the public eye and of keen interest to the gays. We simply can't talk our eyes off of Mendes!

@jaksattacks Best parents ever #gay #lgbt #storytime #parents #momsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok ♬ original sound - Jaks Attack

So many people have traumatic coming out stories, so it's wonderful to hear that Jaks Attack has loving and supportive parents who have nothing but positive things to say about him! He jokes that his parents appreciate that he won't ever get a woman pregnant and how their son looks well-kept and fashionable in all the family photos.

This extensive coming out story from Jaks Attack is a great way to learn more about his upbringing. He talks about how he still hasn't completely figured out his sexuality, something that should inspire other confused and learning queer individuals. He also gives tidbits about his Canadian childhood in a conservative household, including not understanding that there were any curse words until he was 12 due to his parents' clean language!

Here is one of Jaks Attack's tweets that advertises his duality of handsomeness, both with and without a shirt on. He also gives out a link to his Onlyfans account where you are sure to find even more photos with a shirtless Jaks Attack!

@jaksattacks GBF responsibilities #gay #lgbt #bestie #bestfriend #fyp #gbf #storytime ♬ original sound - Jaks Attack

Being a "gay best friend" may be an offensive trope to some LGBTQ+ men, but others like Jaks Attack enjoy the fun of being a part of their female friends' lives, serving as a protector and a sage of fashion advice before big events!

@jaksattacks Dodged a bullet honestly #datingtips #gay #bestie #advice #storytime #fyp ♬ original sound - Jaks Attack

LGBTQ+ people often thirst over straight men, but Jaks Attack gives a hilarious rant here about the downsides to potentially fulfilling this dream and making it a reality. Straight men are stereotyped as lacking hygiene compared to gay men, or putting in a lack of effort on their appearances.

@jaksattacks Smh #gay #lgbt #country #farmer #farmlife ♬ original sound - Jaks Attack

Jaks Attack complains in jest about the dearth of gay men in rural communities and small towns. Because there are so few LGBTQ+ people in these areas, the dating pool is smaller and other queer people become quite the hot commodity around town!

@jaksattacks Ask me anything. #gay #farmboy #contentcreator #influencer ♬ original sound - Jaks Attack

Jaks Attack explains what it's like being a gay content creator on Onlyfans, such as how explicit pictures and videos aren't the only items you'll find if you subscribe to him. He'll also be much more available with his time to answer questions and interact with fans and viewers around the world.

@jaksattacks Whats the diffrence between Americans and Canadians? #american #canadian #canada #usa #whatsthedifference #question #advice ♬ original sound - Jaks Attack

Jacks Attack points out here that he doesn't believe Americans and Canadians are all that different, and he's definitely qualified to make this assessment since he's lived in both countries. Commenters said below the video that Canadians are often more polite than Americans!

@jaksattacks Lmk #datingadvice #datingtips #advice #situationship #gay #redflag #storytime ♬ original sound - Jaks Attack

Jaks Attack talks here about one of the pandemics of the gay dating scene: ghosting. He says it's important to decide how you're going to interact with someone when you first meet them, and whether ghosting is on the table. For reference, ghosting is the act of completely ignoring someone without any warning after originally having a conversation or relationship with them.

by Shawn Laib

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