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Getting to Know Out Podcaster and TikToker Don Martin

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There are a lot of different ways for influencers to communicate with their fans in 2023. From social media sites like TikTok and Instagram, to old school videos like YouTube, technology continues to provide limitless media for our liking. Podcasting is also one of the best avenues to educate, inform, and inspire right now, and we in the LGBTQ+ definitely need more queer podcasters to give their perspectives on life and love and everything in between. Interviewing guests who can give more than just your typical barebones answer will go a long way towards evolving the podcasting medium.

If you're looking for an incredibly intelligent, witty, and thoughtful influencer who also podcasts, look no further than Don Martin. With over 280,000 followers, the LGBTQ+ social media star uses TikTok to not only advertise his podcast "Head on Fire," but give further entertainment and analysis about the world and pop culture to his fans. We are here to compile his best TikToks for your viewing pleasure!

@headonfirepod In which @Ryan La Sala ♬ original sound - Don Martin

Martin loves to have a lot of fun with gay pop cultural references and bizarre humor related to some of the LGBTQ+ experiences many of us had growing up. Queer children often have a story of playing in the band or adopting an instrument of choice to express themselves musically during their upbringing. Here Martin goes along with this stereotype with a friend by ranking instruments according to how gay they are, a fun, inside joke-fest with lots of silly references to queer experiences.

@headonfirepod Completely forgot to post this a few days ago, but THANK YOU Dawn Michelle!
♬ original sound - Don Martin

Sometimes even a simple gesture can make someone's day. Martin wanted to give a special shoutout to this fan who sent him bracelets and apparel to wear during Pride events this June, and Martin was clearly taken aback by the generous thoughts and gifts. The person who gave the gift, named Dawn Michelle in the video, was surely surprised to receive such thanks from Martin. Not all influencers will interact with their fans.

@headonfirepod Game recognize game.
♬ original sound - Don Martin

One of the signature, entertaining ways that Martin tells stories on TikTok and on his podcast is by starting a story in one tone, and then switching up at the end of the video. A great example is in this clip: Martin talks about how he's connected with his viewers and listeners, appreciative for their contributions and support. He then deadpans that people are telling him he's one of the sage, older LGBTQ+ influencers leading the way for the younger folks. Being told you're old when you're not even 40 yet is one of the hallmarks of being a gay man in America, and Martin took it in stride.

@headonfirepod All this talk of Titanic has me thinking about what I like to call the James Cameron Effect. (In which I absolutely must see the movie exactly once and then never feel compelled to do so again.)
♬ original sound - Don Martin

We all love movies around here, right? James Cameron is one of the most iconic directors of all time, creating spectacles like "Titanic" and "Avatar." Martin eloquently gives us some insight into the dichotomy between Cameron's movies as big-screen events compared to comfort movies that we can pop in and watch anytime. This is certainly not the only time Martin talks about his taste in movies on his TikTok or podcast.

@headonfirepod What should I do with this shirt? Give it the snip ✂️ or try and wear it as is?
♬ original sound - Don Martin

Pride Month is often about supporting the local queer businesses that need our financial support during one of the most vital times of the year. Martin discusses the ways his thinking turns when trying to decide what products to buy and from where during June. He laments that Target's apparel section during June can be hit or miss, and we obviously know about some of the controversies surrounding the big retailer when they caved to pressures from homophobic buyers to stop stocking rainbow gear.

@headonfirepod Replying to @Katie ♬ original sound - Don Martin

The most popular video on Martin's TikTok by far is this intimate, harrowing account of his childhood in which he talks about the ways he was bullied by his classmates for being gay long before he knew what his sexual orientation was. The video was in response to homophobic people who say we need to let kids be kids and not force LGBTQ+ content in their direction. On the other hand, if kids are exposed to queer entertainment and media early on, we might just see more love and acceptance in the world.

@headonfirepod 96% of Americans claim to love cheese, according to one survey. The same survey said our love of cheese outranks our love of coffee, social media, national pride, and even our beloved cell phones. Americans' favorite dish? Mac & cheese. Almost every type of cuisine on the planet features at least one type of cheese. But what do we really know about this most beloved of foods? Emilia D'Albero calls herself the CEO of Cheesetok, and for good reason. Her educational videos showcasing the history, preparation, storage, and myth busting of cheese have been seen by millions of people. I sat down with the cheesemonger herself for a deep dive discussion to ask all the questions even I never knew I wanted answers to about this most supreme of foods. Listen now on the latest episode of Head On Fire. Get it everywhere you get your podcasts. @punkrockparmigiano ♬ original sound - Don Martin

On a lighter note, Martin will often interview people who are on the outside of LGBTQ+ media spaces. Here he advertises his podcast with cheese expert Emilia D'Abero. An accompanying skit is sure to provide some laughs as well.

@headonfirepod What was your best childhood billion dollar idea?
♬ original sound - Don Martin

Martin talks about his enormous imagination as a child, one that produced an idea having to do with installing pneumatic tubes inside of homes so that mail can be delivered right to your living room. It's always great to reflect on the innocence of childhood!

@headonfirepod From Swifties and K-Pop stans to communities formed around tv shows like Supernatural or Voltron, passion for a favorite person or piece of culture can turn dangerous both to those inside the community and those they target. I spoke to researcher Sam Aburime about how these groups form, how they become so extreme, and how they can turn against the very thing they love.
♬ original sound - Don Martin

Martin advertises his interview with Sam Aburime, a researcher who studies the ways celebrity culture can backfire both on the fans of a superstar and the fandom at large. This is an especially important topic to discuss in this social media age we're living in, as the internet gives us greater access to our favorite famous people than at any other time in the past.

by Shawn Laib

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