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2023 Rewind: 'Infinity Pool' Director Says Alexander Skarsgård Was Very Comfortable Receiving 'Dick Pics'

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We love a man comfortable in his assets, sexuality and in receiving "dick pics." And according to "Infinity Pool" director Brandon Cronenberg, Alexander Skarsgård has all three and more.

As reported by IndieWire, Cronenberg explained that there was a more explicit sex scene that was filmed for the psychological thriller that takes place at a hedonistic resort. However, Cronenberg said the Motion Picture Association apparently has a rule about showing hard dicks.

"The MPAA has only one objective rule, and that's no hard cocks," Cronenberg said. "Everything else is a mind-fuckingly weird, infuriating, subjective quagmire that you have to navigate with them, no offense to the MPAA. But no hard cocks, we knew was the thing, so that had to to come out."

Instead, Cronenberg included the more explicit scene on the NC-17 director's cut of the film released in March, which included full nudity for Mia Love and Skarsgård.

According to Cronenberg, Skarsgård used a prosthetic for the explicit scene and was very comfortable with the process of getting fake genitalia made for him by special effects artist Dan Martin.

"He makes a lot of penises. The kind of movies that he does, he ends up making penises very, very, very frequently," said Cronenberg about Martin. "There's a very interesting process where you introduce Dan to your actor and say 'Dan is sculpting your penis. So he can send you shots of this penis and you can approve it. Alex Skarsgard had already done that on something else, so he's like 'oh yeah, we've done this a million times, send me the dick picks."

But the dick had its problems when they were shooting the sex scene in Croatia, according to Cronenberg.

"We shot it the first time in Croatia and the semen jammed. It really just sort of dribbled out and was too consistently white," he said. "So the shot that's in the film was shot in a studio after the main shoot."

Anything for art!

by Emell Adolphus

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