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Watch: 'The Challenge,' 'Big Brother' Star Paulie Calafiore Comes Out as Bisexual


Reality TV star Paulie Calafiore announce that he is bisexual, People magazine reports.

After he was eliminated from "The Challenge: USA" on Thursday, Calafiore, 34, made an emotional exit where he suggested he might not be straight.

"I am bisexual," Calafiore told GLAAD's Anthony Allen Ramos in a Zoom interview on Friday. "I feel good about finally being able to talk about this."

He added: "I almost felt guilty that it's taken me this long. And I really had to change my perspective and be like, 'Well, you know there might be other people that are going through this exact same thing... and maybe this is what they needed to hear and what they needed to see in order to do it themselves.'

""Maybe there's a younger version of me somewhere who gets to see this and [says], 'You know what? I don't have to pretend to be this because I'm an athlete,'" Calafiore continued. "I came through athletics, so that forced me to repress who I was, sexually. I didn't know if I was attracted to women, attracted to men, or if it was just like an energy thing. I'd be like, 'I need to prove that I'm the most alpha human in the world.'"

The reality star took to X (formally Twitter), to further talk about his sexuality.

Calafiore, who is has been dating "Challenge" star Cara Maria Sorbella for five years, also responded to the reaction to his GLAAD Zoom interview via Instagram.

"So many emotions right now I haven't even had a chance to process. My heart is bleeding with gratitude. My soul is burning with humility. I'm so sad I had an early exit but I am so happy that I was able show you another layer to myself and my journey."

"To all the new friendships I've made, to all the old friendships repaired. I love all of you and I can't wait to show you how much stronger I come back. The support is so beautiful," he continued, in part. "A special thank you to @anthonyramosah & @glaad for helping me share my story! I appreciate the support through the years @shaunt & @frankiejgrande . I finally feel seen and free."

Sorbello commented that she is "always by your side."

Watch Calafiore's GLAAD Zoom interview below. Also below some highlights from his Instagram.

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