Texas Longhorns players X'Avion Brice, Jelani McDonald and B.J. Allen Jr. are seen in this screencap from the offensive video that was posted online. Source: Screencap/X

Homophobic, Racist Abuse Hurled at Victorious Texas Longhorns

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A group of sore losers assailed Texas Longhorns players with homophobic and racist abuse after the Longhorns defeated the Crimson Tide on Sept. 9, FanNation reports.

The match, which took place in Bryant-Denny Stadium, saw the Crimson Tide lose a home game for the first time since 2019. The winning team's "defensive backs X'Avion Brice, Jelani McDonald and B.J. Allen Jr. were dancing together on the sidelines" when "a group of Alabama fans filmed the Texas players celebrating on the sidelines," FanNation details. As they took the video, the Alabama fans let loose with a torrent of racist and anti-gay abuse, the report went on to add.

The video found its way online in a post to X, Fox News reported.

"The video showed that a fan was calling the plays 'f---ing f----ts' and telling them to 'go back to the projects,'" Fox News reported.

In a statement, the University of Alabama decried the abuse, Fan Nation reports.

"We are disgusted by reports of vile language and inappropriate behavior Saturday night," the university's statement read. "To be clear, we condemn this behavior and it will not be tolerated in our venues. It is not representative of UA or our values. We expect all attendees to act with class and respect toward others.

"Fans are strongly encouraged to report issues to our security resources on-site," the statement went on to say. "Gameday and delayed reports are appropriately addressed and anyone found to be in violation of our rules and expectations will be promptly removed and may be banned from future events."

One player's mother, Angie Wisner, took to X to condemn what her son went though and offer details of what players' parents endured as they sat in the stands.

"The fact my son down there and they saying go back to the projects really just saddens my heart," Wisner posted.

Trigger warning: The post below contains a video with audible racist and anti-gay language.

"But the parents went through this all night! Beer cans thrown at us, water bottles, spit! Disgrace," the post added.

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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