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Troye Sivan Reveals Album Track List... and Sexy Nude Artwork

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Sexy Australian pop star Troye Sivan revealed more about his upcoming album, "Something to Give Each Other," unveiling the full track list and the album's artwork, which shows him in nothing but his socks.

The 28-year-old "Rush" singer posted the portrait on Instagram on Oct. 5, captioning the image with the album's title and the countdown: "8 DAYS."

For thirsty fans, the inside sleeve's photo was a gift. The image shows Sivan lying naked and on his back on a sofa, his legs drawn up, with only his feet covered in a pair of white socks.

The image can be seen in its entirety only by scrolling from the first half to the next, and the track list is similarly revealed, with the 10 songs including an extended version of the album's lead single, "Rush," as well as the second single, "Got Me Started."

Other songs are titled "Still Got It," "Honey," "What's the Time Where You Are?," "One of Your Girls," "Silly," "How to Stay with You," and "Can't Go Back Baby," among others. A collaboration with Guitarricadelafuente titled "In My Room" is also listed. Ignoring the realities of CDs and streaming, the album's track list groups the songs into "Side A" and "Side B."

Sex and fun have been the watchwords for "Something to Give Each Other" since the lead single, "Rush," dropped over the summer. The song's video is full of nudity and handsome men, and the previously released cover art shows Sivan with a naked man sitting on his shoulders as he laughs in delight.

Sivan has not been shy about sharing other thirsty images on Instagram as the countdown to the album's release date continues.

The forthcoming album was inspired by a hookup, Sivan told Rolling Stone Australia – or rather, by a sweet postcoital moment when he and his date lay wrapped up in an embrace.

"We were laying in bed and he was like, 'This is one of life's greatest pleasures, connecting with people in this way,'" Sivan recalled the man saying. "Obviously the hook-up is fun, but he's like, 'Even if I never see you again, we get to have this really special moment together,'" the singer added.

That comment "really kick-started everything," Sivan said.

Check out some of the teasing photos Sivan has shared on his Insta to tease his new work.

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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