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Watch: Madonna's 'Celebration' Tour has a Sweet Gesture for 'Drag Race' Star Trinity The Tuck

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Madonna's "Celebration" tour is hitting its stride with its first run of shows in London, and a few captivating moments from the tour are already going viral among fans.

One such show moment was an interlude in which the Queen of Pop pays tribute to lives lost to the HIV/AIDS crisis. Projected on giant screens in the arena, fans saw famous faces like Keith Haring and Sylvester and not-so famous faces such as "RuPaul's Drag Race" winner Trinity The Tuck's mother.

Trinity was reportedly deeply moved by the sentiment and told posted as much on Instagram thanking Madonna for the highlight.

"Thank you for keeping the memory of so many people who lost their lives to AIDS, a live!!" she wrote in the caption of her post. "So many wonderful, talented people who deserved to live a full life cut short because of this epidemic! April Renee Dunaway June 10 1965 - March 26 1993."

Tuck explained further to Entertainment Weekly about how a photo of her mother ended up in the tour.

"I posted a while back about my mother passing from complications of AIDS, and this Instagram account called The Aids Memorial reposted my exact post. They share photos and stories of lives lost from this disease," Trinity tells EW. "The Aids Memorial contacted me directly to see if I was interested in allowing her to use my mother's photo. Of course, I was delighted to be asked. It's amazing that Madonna is highlighting all of these people whose lives were lost in memory of them for her entire tour!"

Tuck praised that the 65-year-old icon was still raising HIV/AIDS awareness and "doing this for so many people" as she continues to tour around the world.

For the tribute, Madonna chose to perform "Live to Tell" to put poignant note on a colorful evening.

by Emell Adolphus

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