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Listen: Country Star Dixon Dallas' Steamy New Queer Song 'Something to Feel'

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Alabama rapper Jake Hill's alter-ego Dixon Dallas is back with another trailblazing queer-tastic country music song.

On Friday, Dallas released his newest single, "Something to Feel," and the song's boldly gay lyrics are bound to get a few hearts jumping.

In true country music style, the song tells the story of a man's sexual desires for another man.

"I need a man to lay me down and give me something to feel," Dallas sings. "Come pull me closer. Bend me over. I'm just here for the thrill."

And then there is this bit, "No strings attached. I arch my back and let you do what you want. Yeah, you can use me as you please," Dallas says. "I'm on my knees." And something tells us he won't be the only one ready to go there after listening to this song.

Dallas even gets a little kinky in some parts: "You grab me by the throat. Nothing I can't handle. It's just a little choke," he sings. "Don't be shy, I like you rough. Ain't nothing 'til I'm screaming your name."


All in all, the song seems to be a follow up to Dallas' sexually explicit ballad, "Good Lookin," which included lines such as "he's bouncing off my booty cheeks, I love the way he rides."

And now Dallas is giving us more to feel with his latest song, "Something to Feel." Listen to the song below.

by Emell Adolphus

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