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10 Times We Fell for Singer and Underwear Model Steve Grand

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The country music scene back in 2013 led most people to believe that a successful male singer had to be straight, wear a cowboy hat, and croon about a problem, especially if that problem involved a female. But that same year, Steve Grand subverted the trope with his country rock single "All American Boy." In the video he substitutes a cowboy hat for a white t-shirt and the female for a sexy straight male friend. He ends up impulsively kissing the guy only to be rejected, but surprisingly not belittled.

The song put him on the map as an LGBTQ+ country artist, even though Grand contested that title. Six years later masked singer Orville Peck would embrace it, successfully making the gay crossover into mainstream country music.

Grand continued to write songs and perform outside the genre while maintaining his modeling and acting career. His love of men's underwear designs led him to create his own brand called Grand-Axis which, luckily for his Instagram followers, he often models on the platform. Here are some of his best shots featuring the 33-year-old singer. Whether it be modeling his latest swimwear project or just hanging out with friends, Grand is truly an "All American Boy."

Here, Grand celebrates Memorial Day in his home state of Illinois, again showing off his well-toned body. He says that it took two years to create his fashion brand, using his experience as a consumer to perfect it. About three years before it launched, he and singer Eli Lieb sang a duet together titled "Look Away," which is hard to do when Grand is dressed in these revealing briefs.

Grand says this wet and wild pic was taken on Super Bowl Sunday. Clad in these white mini-briefs, he is letting the waves of the rising surf soak his intertidal zone. On a day usually reserved for tight ends and unnecessary roughness it is nice to see him taking a tranquil break. That being said, they say football is "a game of inches" so maybe he's celebrating after all.

Last June, Grand was the best man at his big brother Bill's wedding. The event took place at Promontory Point on the South Side of Chicago. Although we appreciate his swimwear pics, the handsome singer in vintage-style clothing hamming it up on the dance floor is equally satisfying. He also performed the song "Green Eyes" by Coldplay for the newlywed's first dance.

When your body looks as good as Grand's it makes sense to do a calendar. In this post, he is contemplating what to wear for a particular month. Blue for January? Black for October? Decisions, decisions. The good news is whatever color he chooses there are still 11 other months to look forward to.

Grand is an animal lover. Here he is pictured with a furry friend in a lovable moment. Grand owns a Corgi named Dewey who sometimes makes a cameo in his social media feed. You can see just how much Grand loves dogs in a TikTok from earlier this year. In it, he is trying to do a photo shoot but keeps getting interrupted by some curious canines. He makes the best of the situation. "We don't deserve dogs," Grand writes in the video. "They don't judge you; they are only ever loyal."

by Timothy Rawles

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