Our Favorite Queer Music Videos of the Fall Part 2

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 11 MIN.

Peach PRC - "Like A Girl Does"

"They don't have the touch like a girl does!" The hot pink y2k vibe of this video is infectious and electric with sapphic adoration. The lyrics enthusiastically describe sapphic sex acts, with Peach PRC passionately proclaiming that girls do it better. "Like A Girl Does" is super fun, explicitly queer, equal parts empowering and playful –complete with a uterus-shaped spaceship, hot pink thigh-high boots, and early 2000s references galore.

Dua Lipa - "Houdini"

The "Houdini" video serves as an introduction to a new era of Dua Lipa. Red-haired Dua is giving "Fame" vibes in this dance studio with a twist, her reflection taking on a life of its own –and she's really capital-Dua Lipa - "Houdini" Dancing here! With Dua's dancers' hair dyed red to match her new look, the video serves effortlessly cool dance rehearsal vibes for a banger of a track that's just as fun for us to dance to.

Sevdaliza ft. Grimes - "Nothing Lasts Forever"

"Nothing Lasts Forever" is in itself such an eerie title for this video, which uses deepfakes to insert Madonna, Grimes, Julia Fox, and Ferg's faces onto competitive bodybuilders in glitzy bikinis. The video has futuristic elements placed in a bare basement location, while the song booms with lyrics about not wanting to waste their youth. It's a surreal, can't look away but don't want to look too closely kind of watch.

Tate McRae - "exes"

In the video for her catchy hit "exes," Tate McRae serves up energetic choreography and hairography in the boxing ring, locker room, and at the stables with her badass dancers. It's sexy and sweaty and slayful, and brilliantly inspired by both Britney and Xtina. It's literally impossible to watch this video just once. You can't help but hit repeat on "exes", and you'll for sure be seeing this choreo at the club.

Baby Tate - "Wig"

Baby Tate has shared that she wants to be a guest judge on "Drag Race," "real bad, but until it happens i had to make my fantasy come true w this video" – and did!! It's tens across the board for this video, which Baby Tate dedicates in thanks to trans, drag, and nonbinary kings and queens. Luxx Noir London and Justin Tranter join Baby Tate's drag persona, Nasha Lottie, to judge queens Joella Perry and Reina The Doll lip-syncing for their lives to the deeply iconic song "Wig." It's a slay that will be on repeat allll day!

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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