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Reclaim Your Privacy to Start the Year Off Right


The beginning of a new year offers the opportunity for a fresh start and an optimistic outlook. Now is certainly not the time you want to hear from a long-ago ex who still won't take no for an answer; to deal with phone calls, emails or creepy gifts from an amorous stalker; and especially, if you're trans, to receive avalanches of spam addressed to your deadname.

Why not make a fresh start in the new year by taking control of your personal data and online identity?

Since 2011, DeleteMe has successfully removed online information about their clients, helping to restore privacy and peace of mind.

Founded by leading personal privacy advocates and named most outstanding service of its kind by PC Magazine, DeleteMe has clients' personal information deleted from over 750 data brokers and people directories such as spokeo and

Source: DeleteMe

Data Brokers and Identity Thieves

Unfortunately, through digital communication, we all leave a trail of personal information. Names, addresses, and phone numbers are the most obvious bits of data that get shared when we fill out online forms and applications. But it's more than likely that your photographs, marital status, property values, and educational and financial records can also be found.

Even the names and contact info of your relatives can be tracked down.

Data brokers have devised sophisticated programs to scrape this information from the internet, then cross-reference, analyze, and sell it to advertisers who target you and to people directories that can help anyone get ahold of you, whether you want to hear from them or not.

Identity thieves can use this information to make fraudulent purchases, open fake accounts, and destroy your credit score. Beyond any financial hit, the average victim of identity theft spends between 100 and 200 hours dealing with its lasting effects.

Deadnames and Outdated Info

Over 40% of the information held and sold by data brokers is inaccurate; in many cases because it's outdated. This can result in higher insurance premiums, denied credit card applications, and lost job opportunities.

The circulation and reselling of bad data can be particularly damaging to trans people: It can result in the persistent use of deadnames in online conversations, telephone solicitations, and other circumstances, causing serious psychological distress.

DeleteMe can be an invaluable aid in these situations, helping reduce the lingering presence of deadnames online and helping trans folk be known by the world in terms of their own choosing.

Source: DeleteMe

DeleteMe is Here for You

DeleteMe is part of the movement to secure personal privacy in a world where data collection, surveillance, and tracking have become troublingly commonplace.

As part of this commitment, our website features extensive instructions on how you can personally search out much of your data online and submit individual requests for its removal on a case-by-case, site-by-site basis.

Most people are unable to spare the time required to thoroughly and confidently complete these highly detailed tasks. A DeleteMe subscription – including a new information search and deletion every three months – may be the best way to take back your privacy.

Key Features of a DeleteMe Subscription Include:

  • Your selection of the information you want searched out
  • Scan and removal process executed by DeleteMe experts
  • Detailed DeleteMe report provided within 7 days
  • Additional scans and deletions quarterly
  • Personal support through chat, phone, and email
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

    DeleteMe subscriptions are available for individuals starting at $10.75/month. Discounted rates are available for couples.

    Give yourself privacy, peace of mind and a fresh start for a new year!

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    by Jim Gladstone

    Jim Gladstone is a San Francisco-based writer and creative strategist.

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