Watch: Police Car Slams into St. Louis Gay Bar, but Proprietor Ends Up in Handcuffs

Kilian Melloy READ TIME: 5 MIN.

But that wasn't the story the officers involved told at first, according to Pence, who says that the officers initially claimed they had swerved in order not to hit a dog.

Video of the crash posted by St. Louis news channel KMOV, however, does not appear to show any dog in the street. The video shows the police cruiser speeding past the camera, abruptly veering to the left as it passes a parked car on the right, cutting across the opposite lane of traffic, and plowing into the bar.

The local LGBTQ+ community were swift to show their support, the Post Dispatch said.

"Bar:PM is a popular gay bar, and supporters gathered there Monday afternoon to help clean up and secure the building," the newspaper detailed. "Clint Cox, a longtime friend of the bar's owners, said the bar opened nine years ago. It features dart throwing and drag."

"Cox said he and others were volunteering their time Monday to board up the front of the bar. They also rebuilt the wooden frame at the entrance so the business could be securely locked before permanent repairs are made."

"The main entrance, including two storefront windows, were smashed by the police vehicle," the publication added.

Another volunteer, Giuliano Mangiore, outlined his reasons for being there to help in the incident's aftermath. "This is a safe spot for people in our community," Mangiore told the Post Dispatch. "This is like our family's place."

Khazaeili told the media that the St. Louis Police Department "haven't told us if the officers were drug tested or alcohol tested" – a salient point, noted The Advocate, since, the publication said, "there have been multiple cases of officers being found drunk while on duty" in the city.

"I wish they would tell me truly what happened," Pence told the media, the Post Dispatch reported.

"Accidents happen," Pence went on to say. "Any one of us can get in an accident any day. I accept that."

However, "Own it," Pence added. "Tell me what happened. Fix the building."

To watch the NBC News report, follow this link.

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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