Stormy Daniels and contestants from Season Two of "For the Love of DILFs" Source: OUTtv/Instagram

Check Out the DILFs and Himbos on the Stormy Daniels-Hosted 'For the Love of DILFs' Season 2


One of 2023's most fun guilty pleasures was OUTtv's "For the Love of DILFs," the reality series hosted by adult film star and public figure Stormy Daniels that brought equal numbers of Daddys and their younger queer counterparts (called "Himbos") together in a reality show competition. As Distractify puts it, "The Himbos are muscular, chaotic and ready to party, where as the Daddies are distinguished, nurturing, insightful, and set in their ways. Both groups are placed in a luxurious mansion where they attempt to find their special someone."

This week OUTtv dropped a trailer for Season Two that starts streaming this Friday, January 23. For her part, Daniels is out promoting the series, telling Page Six that her hosting duties are "the best job" she ever had. "And I don't even get to have an orgasm!" she added.

"Sprinkled throughout is comedic narration from the mysterious 'Dr. DILF,' witty one-liners from Daniels and, of course, tons of drama at the DILF Mansion," wrote Page Six.

Hosting the first season "just such an eye-opening experience for me that how could I say no to Season 2?" she said of her decision to reprise her role. "Especially once I realized that I was given this opportunity that I didn't even know was wrapped up in this hot naked man package."

What surprised her was that amidst the raunchy fun were meaningful conversations about sexuality that "put the straight community to shame."

She elaborated: "What I didn't realize was going to be this unexpected bonus ... to really sort of bridge the gap between the queer community and the straight community about some of these hot topics that these people on the show ... were so open and honest [about

"Conversations about boundaries, about body positivity, health, STDs and consent. And good stuff, too, like how you want to be touched, what feels good."

But who are the Daddies and "Himbos" on Season Two? Check them out here.

Aaron Christian

Anthony Hairston

Barry Bartlett

Daniel J. Hart

Derrick Antonio

Ed Wynn

Hazel Hoffman

Jimmy Tarara

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