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Has Sara Ramirez Been Dropped from 'And Just Like That...' over Pro-Palestine Posts?

Kilian Melloy READ TIME: 3 MIN.

Sara Ramirez, the non-binary actor who plays controversial comedian Che Diaz on HBO Max's "Sex and the City" sequel series, seemed to indicate they had been dropped from the show's upcoming season in a lengthy post to Instagram on Jan. 16.

UK newspaper the Daily Mail took note of the post, in which Ramirez called Hollywood "duplicitous" and wrote, "While they give awards away, casting directors and agents are making blacklists of actors and workers who post anything in support of Palestinians in Gaza to ensure they will not work again."

In the post, which went up the day following the Emmys, Ramirez went on to add: "While they lift up some of their own clients who have spoken up against this genocide, they are firing and letting others who have smaller platforms go."

The comedian also seemed to level charges of pinkwashing, adding: "While they award 'lgbtq orgs', they are silent on those orgs ties to weapons manufacturers who are currently supporting the Israel military as it commits genocide on Palestinian lives that include LGBTQIA2S+ lives."

Saying that awards such as the Emmys "are shiny and people need to pay their rent or feel special and powerful," Ramirez declared, "we are beyond the 100 day mark on this 'war' that has been acknowledged by many, including the ICC, as a genocide."

"It's wild how performative so many in Hollywood are," the actor went on to add. "Even more performative than the last character I played."

The references to actors being blacklisted and to "the last character I played" prompted the newspaper to speculate that Ramirez was alerting fans to their own having been let go from the series, which got a third season pickup from HBO last summer.

The character of Che Diaz has proven divisive over the course of the show's two seasons so far. The Daily Mail noted that "Some fans were angered Che had split up the marriage of Miranda and Steve Brady, while others moaned that Che's jokes fell flat."

By the end of the first season of "AJLT," original "Sex and the City" character Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) had left her husband, Steve (David Eigenberg), a favorite of fans, in order to pursue a relationship with Che, realizing that she was attracted to women.

But the romance was short-lived, and Che and Miranda broke up only a few episodes into Season 2. Che's storyline seemed to fade right after, as the character saw a TV pilot fizzle out. Though Che did recur throughout the rest of the season, she seemed to recede into the background while the trio of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Miranda remained in the spotlight.

Che began working at a veterinarian's and sublet her apartment to Carrie so that she and Aiden could rekindle their love affair, while other characters – both carryovers from "Sex and the City" and newer characters created for "And Just Like That..." – continued with their own storylines. Che was featured in an episode in which Miranda attended a comedy set where the struggling comic made hurtful jokes about their time together, and as the season closed the former lovers had a moment of resolution.

Che having been controversial, and the character's storylines seemingly having run their course, it might be a matter of creative decision-making rather than politics if Ramirez has indeed been dropped from the show's roster.

Che's fate remains an open question for now. "A spokeswoman for 'And Just Like That' executive producer Michael Patrick King refused to comment when contacted by," the newspaper noted.

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

Kilian Melloy serves as EDGE Media Network's Associate Arts Editor and Staff Contributor. His professional memberships include the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, the Boston Online Film Critics Association, The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, and the Boston Theater Critics Association's Elliot Norton Awards Committee.

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